Hello, lovely Starlings! I'm Calli. <3

I've been studying astrology since about 6 years ago. I enjoy personality theories, and analyzing natal charts. I love being able to look at a simple chart, and then be able to formulate a theory as to how a person might behave/feel based on it. I'd love to become a professional Astrologer, and plan on doing so as soon as I am able.

I use Astrology as a tool to better understand your personal strengths/weaknesses, as well as to understand other people so as to improve relationships and communication with them.

Therefore, I enjoy giving people advice on personal understanding/growth as well as relationship advice (romantic, platonic, familial, or otherwise).

Furthermore, I enjoy answering questions about the mechanics/origin/science behind it, since I've spent a couple years in and out of college studying astronomy/geology and find it incredibly fascinating.

While in High School, College, and my own personal time I studyied psychology, especially personality theories and mental illnesses. I wanted, for a long time, to be a therapist, but due to certain life events, I am not able to do so yet. Perhaps I will be able to do so someday. In the meantime, I do know a decent amount about psychology, and can answer general questions on mood, thought, and some behavioral disorders, as well as psychology overall. I use this in addition to Astrology

I know this is an Astrology-focused blog, but my goal here isn't to teach about the traits of the zodiac signs (though that is part of it). My goal is to teach understanding - of yourself, and other people, via Astrology (and psychology, numerology, etc). I believe understanding yourself and others can allow you to have better relationships with them, and you, which can lead to overall happiness. :)

About me
My goals in life:
  • Write books. Astrological, and fiction.
  • Become a certified professional Astrologer.
  • Run my own little Astrology business.
  • Help people~
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