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Ask The Bloggers: Saxon

~~ A scorpio girl ♥

Cancer men are very passionate and that usually transfers to the bedroom as well.  They like to really make sure they pleasure their female.  They can be aggressive and like being aggressive sometimes, depending on the mood, but in the long term maybe not as much.  Cancers are lovers, they like to be with the right person so it depends on their partner.


Dear Saxon,

Based on astrological signs, how good/bad will a friendship between a cancer girl and an aquarius girl go?

Sincerely, Anonymous

Cancer and Aquarius are opposites, they tend to have opposite views of life.  However, they can form a great bond if they like having their differences.  If you get past each others opposite view and don’t fight over them you can be great friends :).


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Ask the Bloggers: Willo

I didn’t get any questions for “Ask the Bloggers” So! I’m going to use this space to ask you guys something! 

Any recent/or not mothers following us?

I’m just about 39 weeks pregnant with my first baby right now. (I know my facts about pregnancy— so please don’t answer if you’ve just googled it, or you don’t really know anything.)

All I’ve been doing since day one of being pregnant is eat. And eat. And eat. (I went through a really shitty 3 months or morning sickness, but I was still starving all the time). But now… All of a sudden, I’m just not hungry.

My pelvic bone aches really bad, and almost everytime I go to the bathroom, some more of my mucus plug comes out. My doctor checked me on March 27th and told me that my cervix was about 75% dropped but he didn’t check again when I went in on the 2nd.

I’ve seen three different doctors because the first one I had was a COMPLETE IDIOT (I won’t get into that), and we couldn’t be with her anymore. She told me that the due date was April 9th… But then the next doctor I had said that it was more like April 22nd— based off of I don’t even know what.

So, I just need to know if I can expect my baby any time soon. I know labor is different for every woman, but with just those things… The loss of hunger, the sudden obnoxious pain in my pelvic bone, and the baby seeming to have “settled” in down there… I just really need help! Does anyone have any ideas?

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Ask The Bloggers: Calli

Dear Calli,
I am an Aries woman and my fiancé is a Sagittarius. I’m currently pregnant and I love our relationship! I deal with depression and feel as though sometimes I can be clingy towards him. I don’t like to put that on him as it’s my problem. We’re both independent but I feel more in need of him.
Any advice on how to release that energy in other ways? Or how to ask for his shoulder to lean on without being so needy? Thanks :)
-Expecting Aries

 Dear Expecting Aries,

Well, Sagittarius appreciate when people are up-front. Perhaps tell him exactly what you told me? That you can get rather depressed sometimes, and would like some attention/affection to help you feel better, but don’t want him to be uncomfortable.

Other than that, I suggest writing in journal. It’s kind of cheesy, but I’m serious – it helps! Getting all of your thoughts out and on paper can help get it out of your head, which may make it easier to deal with.

Exercise is also beneficial. I’m not sure how far along you are, and suggest you talk to your doctor first, but exercising produces endorphins that can help increase your mood.



Dear Calli!
Thanks for answering my question about the 17y/o Capricorn :) I know it‘s weird to date someone who‘s related to your employers and we also live more than a 1000km apart.
He‘s very mature & really tall, & at first I didn‘t even know how old he was, when I found out I felt a bit uncomfortable.
He was really sweet & we talked about personal things (school, hobbies, interests) when we were alone the last night we stayed there.
We played a board game with one of the older kids & he talked to me - he didn‘t really talk to me when there was more than one person.
I decided against asking him for his number & instead told him that I enjoyed talking/playing games with him very much & he reacted very flattered and smiled.I think if anything should ever come of it, it should be him to initiate because maybe I would scare him away?
Thanks again, the 20y/o Scorpio nanny :)
Dear, 20 Year Old Scorpio Nanny,

Capricorn’s have a knack for seeming mature and wise. ;) As for the rest of your story, I’m glad that you feel satisfied with the way things left off, and I think that perhaps in a year or two you should definitely give it a shot.

Your intensity may scare him, but that may not be a bad thing. He mind fear it, only because it is so foreign to him, but that fear may be alluring to him. Capricorns tend to be drawn to those who have skills which they themselves do not possess, and radiating intensity may be one of them.

Regardless, I think letting him initiate it may be best, not because of you “scaring him away,” but because of the age differences and your employment with his family.

Best of luck!


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Ask the Bloggers: Anthony

Every Sunday we’ll be doing Ask the Bloggers!

I’m the man to go to with all things Taurus! I’m also up to answer Earth Sign questions, but I’ll answer anything you ask, if I can. :)

I can also answer ‘likes and dislikes of the signs’ questions. :)

I tend to be very blunt about things, so I don’t mean to offend. I’m very down to earth and can easily relate with almost anyone. I’m here to help you guys, so ask away! :D

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Ask the bloggers: Drake

Every Sunday, we’ll be doing Ask the Bloggers!

I don’t really have any particular strong points, but I do like to use my own life experiences and interactions to answer questions.
I always try to be as polite as I can and will never be rude while answering any of your questions. :)

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Ask the Bloggers: Calli

Every Sunday, we’ll be doing Ask the Bloggers

I, personally, feel as though I’m better answering questions about Fire, Earth, and Water Signs (sorry Air, I just don’t get you) but I’m willing to answer about any sign. :)

I enjoy psychology, specifically personality theories, and therefore analyzing natal charts - I won’t do the full report, since we have links for that, but I do love to answer specific questions about the mechanics/origin/science behind it, or any other direct questions other than the “describe me” types.

I’m better at analyzing a single person or relationship, rather than family/group dynamics. 

I also like giving advice, whether that’s personal, or family/friends/significant others related. I like helping people. I personally have had experience with depression/suicide so I feel like I can relate to it, and therefore help people battle it.

I tend to write essays in response to people. “>_> I’m sure you’ve seen some of them… xD I have a tendency to rant/try to get out all the ideas in my head. So, prepare for long-winded responses if you ask me things, lol.

I can’t wait to hear from you. <3

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Ask the Bloggers: Saxon

Every Sunday, we’ll be doing Ask the Bloggers

Hello there, I’m Saxon :).

I like to give advice and help with personal problems. I’m a cancer so I am very compassionate and try to be nice and as helpful as possible and try to give you hope in every situation. I can’t wait to help you in any way you need :).

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Ask the Bloggers: Willo

Every Sunday, we’ll be doing Ask the Bloggers

Personally, I’m great at anything to do with Fire Signs, and personal advice! I’ll answer and post about any question you have for me though :)

I’m a little more sassy and maybe a bit more blunt than some of our other bloggers, but I would never say anything to hurt feelings! I enjoy helping people out, and I’m really looking forward to helping you with anything that you ask me to :)

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