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Personal Note;

I’m trying to re-prioritize my life, because there are a lot of things I want to do, and not a whole lot of time to do them in. 

What I’m debating is - do I focus my free time on working on the Zodiac Story, or working on my Astrology book? The former would leave AstralTwelve rather post-less, and the latter would inspire me to post things that often seem to lose our audience’s interest (like lengthy posts about the planets in signs and houses and whatnot). 

It’s most likely going to be the latter. I’ll try to have little fun things every now and then, or even games, to keep things from getting too stale. But I really do want to make a career out of this, and I feel that actually completing a book will be a good first step.

This also means that (for the sake of my wellbeing) I may have to let a lot of other things sit on the back-burners for a while.

What that means is, I probably won’t be working on ZodiacStory too intensively. (I still want to - but I won’t stress over it). 

I will continue (like always) to take post requests and answer questions

I completely understand if some of our followers dislike this change - and if you decide to unfollow, that’s totally okay. For those of you who decide to stick around and read all the stuffs anyway, I appreciate your support! 

I love you all, and have a fantastic day. <3

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Working full time is great. Running this blog is amazing. Having my store is wonderful.

All three is stressful as Hell, lol. That’s why some of my smaller projects often get set on the backburner. 

Vacation ended Wednesday, and I’m working 40+ hours between Thursday and today. Then I work another 40+ hours from tomorrow to Friday. My next day off is Saturday (luckily I have Sunday off too!). That means I literally work 80 hours in 9 straight days.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But I also just want to sit at home (or in my own office haha) and write about Astrology and do reports and play games with you guys!

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I really should be sleeping
Inspired by Bouffalant (obviously) and Taurus. Grass - Dark Type. 2nd/3rd Evolution, I think.


I really should be sleeping

Inspired by Bouffalant (obviously) and Taurus. Grass - Dark Type. 2nd/3rd Evolution, I think.


I drew a thing
Inspired by Mareep (obviously) and Aries. Fire - Fighting Type. 1st evolution, I think

This is what I&#8217;m doing instead of sleeping.
Yes, i&#8217;m working on the other 11. 


I drew a thing

Inspired by Mareep (obviously) and Aries. Fire - Fighting Type. 1st evolution, I think

This is what I’m doing instead of sleeping.

Yes, i’m working on the other 11. 




what questions would you ask the signs from your own curiosities or wonders about them?

Aries: How do you stay awake for so long? 

Taurus: Why do you stick with people who hurt you so?

Gemini: How did you learn all that? 

Cancer: How are you so shy and so hilariously outgoing at the same time?

Leo: Why do you struggle with empathy so much?

Virgo: Why are you so afraid of your own emotions?

Libra: How can you be so vain?

Scorpio: Why do you get so trapped in your head?

Sagittarius: Why can’t you take responsibility for your actions?

Capricorn: How do you keep such a straight face when you tell your jokes?

Aquarius: Why must you prove you’re unique? 

Pisces: Why do you let people treat you like that?

DISCLAIMER: I thought of all the people I knew under these signs and searched for a question that I want to collectively ask each of them. So, these are more subjective than objective. Take them with a grain of salt. :)

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Thanks! That was EXTREMELY helpful! :) And I'm doing okay. I'd also be happy to recommend some stuff to research for your book. What do you have listed so far?


Glad I could help! :D And thanks!

So far I have:

  • Basic history of Astronomy/Astrology
  • Astronomy behind Astrology
  • Horoscope vs Astrology vs Zodiac
  • How I recommend Astrology be used
  • The Signs- 
  • Triplicities
  • Modalities
  • Dualities
  • Decans (Degrees)
  • Male vs Female
  • Opposites as pairs
  • What a Natal Chart is
  • How it works
  • What you need to know/where you can get one
  • How to read it
  • Where to start
  • Parts of the Natal Chart (What they represent, what they mean in the signs)
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Pluto
  • Juno
  • Eros
  • Vesta
  • Pallas
  • Ceres
  • Chiron
  • Psyche
  • Houses
  • What they are/how they work
  • What they represent
  • What they all mean 
  • The 4 angles (Asc, MC, IC, Dsc)
  • Planets/Asteroids/Luminaries in the Houses
  • Duplicated/Intercepted Houses
  • Aspects
  • What they are
  • What they represent
  • Sun-Moon
  • Sun-Mercury 
  • etc just basically all the aspects between all the planets 
  • Dominant Element(s)
  • Lilly Strengths
  • Natal Chart Shape
  • Exaltation 

Whew. -wipes brow dramatically- If anyone can point out something I’m missing, or something I should look into, I’ll give you a cookie.

I know there’s a “Vertex” too, but I haven’t quite looked into that just yet! 

Also, I’m not doing synastry/compatibility in this book (Willo might do a Synastry one) or forecasting. It’ll focus on the individual - understanding yourself or someone else. :3


Hahahaha I wrote this literally a year ago.

My list now, to research/write about/include in my book(s):

All the Planets will include what they are, what they mean by both Sign and House.

The Houses will all include what they are, what they mean by Sign, and what it means to have the Planets within them.

My “book outline”, at this moment, is 132 pages, 61,648 words.

I also have other documents spliced up for organization.

The Zodiac Signs: 27 pages, 6,712 words.

The Planets: 106 pages, 31,918 words.

The Planets, Dignity & Debility: 30 pages, 5,233 words

The Aspects: 8 pages, 1,416 words.

The Asteroids: 6 pages, 1,169 words

The Points: 9 pages, 1,9222 words

The Big Picture (Looking at the Natal Chart as a whole) - 8 pages, 1,599 words.

I have all the traditional associations of the Signs, and there’s more I want to write about. (Specifically, Sun Signs, as it’s so far just the Zodiac Signs themselves)

I’m working on Venus in the Signs/Houses, I still have Jupiter-Pluto to do. 

I have all the “data” on the Planets’ Dignity and Debility, and how to calculate your Almuten, Lord of the Geniture, and Lord of the Figure. I have written about Natal Planets in Retrograde. I have to write what it means to have each as each planet, and what it means to have the planets Afflicted. 

I have written about what all the Aspects mean, I need to write about each Aspect between each planet.

I have written about Chiron in the Signs, I need to write about it in the Houses. I need to write about all the other Asteroids in the Signs and Houses.

I have written about what Lilith, the Nodes, Midpoints, and Arabic Parts are - I need to write about them in the Signs and Houses. I need to write about the Vertex and Antivertex.  

I’ve written about dominant element, dominant aspects, Natal Chart Shapes, dominant modality, and dominant houes type. I need to write about Ascendant Sign overlays.

Lots to do. :3 And as always, I’m open to suggestions.

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Hey, starlings

I just want to apologize formally to all of you.

My life has been a mess for the past month and a half, and is getting worse.

On top of everything, my laptop broke, and I don’t currently have access to my desktop.

Hopefully, I will shortly, but know that reports and posting will be slowed slightly more.

My sincerest apologies to those who’s reports haven’t been fulfilled yet. Like I said, my life is a complete mess right now.

I’ll probably refund y’all when I complete the reports, since you had to wait so long.

Once again - I’m so sorry.


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Personal Note

I’m moving into my a new apartment on my own in November/December, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford Internet.

Looking at Comcast (ugh) plans, the cheapest is $30 a month. 

Which means, if you all (collectively) bought 3 Natal Chart Reports a month, I could use that money to pay for the Internet I’d use to maintain this website!

Now, I’m not asking for donations or hand outs or anything. I’m too proud for that. xD

I’m simply encouraging you to purchase a Natal Chart Report from me! For only $10, I’ll give you a 50 page detailed report!

Click the link below to read more about the different types of reports I do!


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30 Day Challenge #1


"Your favorite picture of yourself and one interesting fact for each year you’ve been alive."



  1. The most interesting fact about me would be that I’ve driven from Central New York to Western Washington State
  2. I live here, in my own apartment, with my husband.
  3. I’ve watched all seasons of the Office at least 20 times. It’s what gets me through my depressive episodes, boredom, and everything else.
  4. I used to take Horseback riding lessons, and I really want to get back in the saddle. 
  5. I’ve created and run a LARP.
  6. I’m a planner. 
  7. I’m not sure about my sexuality. It’s somewhere between bisexual and pansexual.
  8. I’m working on writing a book about Astrology.
  9. I have like 39258693856328957 other book/story ideas, but I also have writers block.
  10. I’ve taken classes in Psychology, Philosophy, Astronomy, and Geology while in college. 
  11. I plan on majoring in one of those, or Computer Science.
  12. I love to help people, and my ideal career path would involve being a counselor, advisor, or therapist. 
  13. I’m terrible at swimming.
  14. I’m worse at dancing.
  15. I’ve only been drunk once, and I’ve never been high. I drink socially, but not to the point of being drunk.
  16. I’m a control freak, mostly self-control though.
  17. I like to think I’m funny, and some people agree.
  18. My mom thinks I’m cool.
  19. I often talk at a volume that’s too loud for most situations.
  20. I’ve attempted to keep a diary several times, but always fail at doing so.



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I think the absolutely coolest thing ever;

Would be to hold a like “conference” where all of the Astrobloggers on tumblr, or Astrofans, met up and chatted.


Like “AstroCon” with silly little games, and events, and a panel where y’all can ask AstroBloggers question in person? O-O

If I was rich, I would definitely make this happen, omg.


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I might be going to Kepler College!

It’s completely Astrological, and almost entirely online. :D I’m doing a bit more research, but once I complete it, I’ll be officially NCGR Level III certified, and since I’ve already been studying for the better half of a decade, it should be pretty easy too! :D <3

Sorry, I’m just excited~



Personalized Astrology Themed Dreamcatchers

Currently, I’m looking into starting a little side business of making/selling Deamcatchers that are personalized for peoples’ Natal Charts.

Since the Dreamcatchers are circular in shape, like the Natal Chart, I’d use various colored beads to make visual representations of your chart and the signs/numbers within them.

I’ve run the numbers, and it’s possible. What I’m looking at currently would be:

  • $12.00 - Ascendant, Sun, and Moon.
  • $14.00 - Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.
  • $16.00 - Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (in the shape of your chart).
  • Shipping cost of $4.50 for the continental United Sates (not currently shipping elsewhere, but that’s subject to change)

Each will include a small letter that’ll discuss why I chose the color and placements of the beads, as well as a brief description of the interpretation of each aspect.

I’ll probably start shop on August 1st.


  #zodiac    #astrology    #horoscope    #dreamcatcher    #dream catcher    #calli  

Okay, so

What if I made Dream Catchers, with different colored beads to represent different elements/signs and made them like visual representations of peoples’ Natal Charts? :D


  #zodiac    #astrology    #dream catcher    #horoscope    #craft    #calli  
Submitted by woodzgirl 
I&#8217;m laughing so hard right now, like omg, I can&#8217;t breathe this is fantastic

Submitted by woodzgirl 

I’m laughing so hard right now, like omg, I can’t breathe this is fantastic


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Off to bed!
Goodnight, lovely people. &lt;3

Off to bed!

Goodnight, lovely people. <3


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