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Pisces & Careers

Imaginative and extremely sensitive, those born under Zodiac Sign Pisces would want to make a career where they would be able live their dream. And, this is not about living in a fantasy world. These intuitive souls have a perfect vision of how their lives could be, and it is their dream to make it a reality. 

Motivated by their passion for creative self-expression, the Pisces would, at least initially, prefer job-satisfaction over monetary gains. Their first approach usually is to seek work that will bring them a sense of fulfilment. The emotional Pisces are always trying to find some balance between their financial goals and their desire to accomplish their dreams. 

Once they choose their career, the Pisces can be dedicated enough to specialise and reach great heights. Ready to lend a helping hand, they are rarely pretentious about their work. This quality earns them a reputation of an inspirational team member. Their contributions to a work-team are often creative, unusual and essential. Since Fish are able to think out-of-the-box, they can come up with extraordinary solutions, if they decide to try, that is. 

However, most Fish tend to be over-sensitive, which can be a major hurdle in their career path. Although they are sensible, they are also not quite practical. They take a lot of time to get over setbacks. Rather than learning from their failures, they sulk and keep revisiting their unsuccessful attempts in their minds, losing precious time and energy. The Pisces people need to learn a lesson or two in how they should develop a more pragmatic approach towards life.

Whatever the Pisces do, they should ensure to occupy themselves with work that makes them proud and enables them to showcase their myriad talents. These noble individuals make the world a better place, and that is probably one of the major reasons why the Pisces are inclined towards charitable work and philanthropic activities. Pisces could also work in the entertainment field as actors, dancers, comedians or musicians. Writing and poetry are make for good career options. 

These Water Sign people are naturally drawn to occupations dealing with water, fluids, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, oils, and the ocean. Also, they possess an art to sense what the public desires, and hence can do well in fashion, advertising, film-making, and other pursuits that require them to deal with what the public wants. 

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Aquarius & Careers

Highly independent and innovative, those born the Zodiac Sign Aquarius don’t like working in a confined space or for a very long time. In order to succeed on the career front, they need a free reign to express their originality. However, many Aquarius tend to have a shaky start as far as their careers are concerned. You may see them changing jobs, relocating, going back to college, learning new subjects and also opting for a new career altogether. This is not because, they are indecisive or weak-minded. Rather, it is owing to their independent thinking and constant urge to invent.

A typical 9 to 5 job is not something the Aquarius would love doing, irrespective of the financial aspect of the job. Ones to get bored easily, they should not be expected to be excited and enthusiastic about mundane, 9 to 5 jobs. The Aquarius people choose unconventional careers and strive to excel. Even if they are associated with a regular job, it is unlikely that they would not have to an urge to do something ‘different’. Hence, you would see the Aquarius engaged in a variety of activities while marching towards their career goals.

Anything modern, progressive, or related to the fields of science and technology attracts their attention. Also, careers that offer the chance to question the set norms or debate issues are also a good choice for them, given their need for intellectual stimulation. An ideal career for an Aquarius would be a job that offers a fair bit of flexibility and the opportunity to work for a good cause.

However, their eccentric temperaments tend to make them stubborn and they often feel that the people around them are not receptive enough or are not capable of comprehending their excellent ideas. This mentality may cause these imaginative and logical individuals some problems on the career front, especially when they need to work in teams or large groups. 

All in all, it can be said that the Aquarius perform at the best when their pursuits give them the scope to express their excellent memory, creativity, knowledge, wisdom, love for freedom and humanitarian causes. Careers in the fields of Science, Sociology, Biology, Astrology, Radiology, Engineering, Politics, Social Work, etc. are advisable for the Aquarius. 

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Capricorn & Careers

When the Capricorn begin their career, it’s like as if they have set out on a mission – a mission to keep working hard and reach their destination, come what may. Starting at the bottom of the ladder and working their way to the top doesn’t give them jitters. In fact, the struggle brings them a sense of pride and adds value to their achievements. No pain, no gain, they believe! 

However, there is an observation – No matter how insignificant or less paying the Goat’s current job is, the sincere and hard-working individual in him/ her needs to feel that he/ she is working towards something bigger and better! This Capricorn need to feel depended on stems from the fact that they are the proverbial fathers, the providers of the zodiac. And, that is why they always like to believe, and don’t hesitate in working towards it, that they are an important cog in the machinery. They don’t like to be in jobs for long, which do not carry much importance or do not contribute to the bigger picture. 

Ambitious that they are, these up-climbing Mountain Goats don’t mind working tirelessly to realise their dreams. However, they tend to choose conventional fields that can give them authority, status, and above all, security. Rather than for a road less travelled, these peace-loving people prefer to go a battered and time-tested path. Risks, especially those which may jeopardise their financial security, are not their thing. Not that they never take chances, they do and in plenty, but the risks that they take are well-calculated and seldom impulsive. 

Admired for their discipline, dedication and diligence, Capricorn display an amazing amount of commitment and patience, regardless of the type of their career or job profile. When a situation goes haywire, it is the Capricorn to whom the rest of the team members turn to for guidance and inspiration, and the Capricorn invariably live up to the high expectations. 

However, in their bid to build a career that will last forever, the industrious Capricorn run the risk of becoming workaholics, putting their personal lives and relationships on the back-burner. Yes, they will take some time out to relax and unwind, but the unfinished tasks, in all likelihood, will always be on the back of their minds. Striking a fine a balance between personal life and worldly aspirations is something these trustworthy and honest people should learn. The sooner they learn, the better it is for them and their cherished ones. 

Very resourceful, Goats know how to use their time and money well. A combination of their analytical, inquisitive mind and management skills make them suited for careers in Finance, Management, Banking, Accounts, Law and Administration. They also tend to have a great potential to make a bright career in Science and Medicine. Creative fields like Media, Advertising, Productions, Arts etc. are also suited quite well to their mindset

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Sagittarius & Careers

The eternal wanderers, the people born under the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius are often referred to as the curious and amiable ones. They want to meet people, interact with them and expand their social network. These cheerful individuals value both quality of work and personal relationships. In fact, you would often see them wearing a bright smile and greeting colleagues on their way to their desks or cabins. And there is hardly any pretence as they genuinely want to spread happiness all around. 

Working with minute details, however, can be problem for the Sagittarius natives, and hence, jobs that require them to review every single detail with full concentration may not be their idea of ideal jobs. Having said that, they are usually very good at seeing the whole picture and at figuring out what the plan of action should be in order to achieve the targets. 

Passionate and firm-believers of their own ideology, Sagittarius don’t think twice before going an extra mile to achieve their dreams. Besides, they are fun to work with because they keep the work environment light with their sharp wit and humor  Don’t take them lightly, though, for no matter how difficult a challenge might be, Sagittarius will never ever quit midway. They instill the much-needed energy and enthusiasm when the moral of the entire team is on the verge of collapse. Indeed, they are wonderful team-players! 

Sure, they are creative, versatile, but they have a problem with controlling their ego. They do come up with interesting and constructive ideas quite often, but when things don’t go according to these fiery people, they lose their temper. Besides, they tend to be irresponsible and restless at times, which creates a negative atmosphere at their workplace. They need to know that impulsive decisions and mindless risks may land them in hot water. 

Making a career in fields where they would be get paid to visit and explore exotic locales and chronicle their experiences, or share their wisdom and knowledge with a large audience is their idea of a perfect career. Hence, it’s not surprising that Sagittarius make good travel writers, motivational speakers, travel guides, travel agents etc. Since they are intuitive and know how to make others feel better and, they can perform exceptionally well when they work for a cause. Therefore, they make impressive politicians, human resource manager, teachers, philosophers, activists, therapists, doctors etc. 

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Scorpio & Careers

The Scorpio natives don’t need a pep talk to bring themselves in their element, as they are quite self-motivated and know what they want, be it regarding their career or any other matter. Tenacious, intense and intensely career-driven, these confident people accept defeat only when the odds are overwhelming and failure is inevitable. And when they are cornered or betrayed and left with no choice but to back down, the Scorpio get hurt the most. Not ones to forgive and forget easily, these revengeful beings make it a point to get back at those who make the mistake of messing up with them!

Those born under the Sign of Scorpio have a natural affinity with all things mysterious and hidden. It is in their very nature to keep they eyes and ears open all the time and look out for preying eyes. Having a Scorpio in the team means that there is at least one person who will ensure to safeguard the team’s interests. Not only that, they will bring their ability to make excellent strategies to the table, and thus, will make significant contribution to the performance of the entire team.

They value their time, and hence, they would rarely get involved in gossips and lunch-time chitchats. And, if there are a part of the conversations, rest assured that they are there only because they think that they may find some useful information. When at work, the Scorpios are totally focused on the job on hand. 

Courageous and passionate, the Scorpios are admired for their discipline and ability to wield power. They spend a lot of time interacting with colleagues and subordinates and talk about how they, as a team, can improve and ensure better profits. And it doesn’t end there! The dedicated Scorpio don’t mind taking their work home. You may often see them working late nights, finishing their tasks.

Not ones to take things on their face value, people born under the Zodiac Sign Scorpio can be natural detectives. Work in the fields of medical research, psychology and journalism, especially investigative journalism, satisfies their deep desire to ‘find’ answers. People trust them with their inner most secrets and most valuable possessions, and therefore, there is a great scope for them to make a good career fields in which they will have to manage others’ business.

Mining operations, oil drilling and archaeology are also associated with this Sign. The Scorpio may perform exceptionally well as doctors, ecologists, engineers, navigators, market analysts, pathologists, soldier etc. 

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Libra & Careers

Libra is an Air sign which makes these natives curious, sociable and very active mentally. All occupations that stimulate their intellect, besides giving these Balanced Ones a chance to communicate will be very favourable for them as careers. When it comes to their careers, they need variety, harmony and a regular exchange of ideas. Endowed with great idealism, a sense of justice and refined taste, Librans tend to do well in leadership and organizational roles. Many of them are never completely satisfied in a subordinate position.

Quiet, sophisticated, warm and patient, Librans naturally seek balance and harmony in their surroundings. Thanks to their personal charm, they easily connect with people. No wonder, they tend to have a great social life. Most of them are happier sharing their life with their loved ones and friends. They are always willing to cooperate and help others, sometimes putting aside their own objectives. If you are a Libra, or have a loved one born under this Sign, we suggest, you don’t let your (or their) personal charm and leadership qualities get wasted.

Since the sense of justice of the Libra is very strong, they do not support injustices, and sincerely believe in fair-play. And, although they detest aggressiveness and shady dealings, they will not shy away from exposing these qualities in others. They have good taste and an innate sense of harmony and beauty, and enjoy life and pleasures. 

At work, they tend to be co-operative and make decent to good team-mates. Persuasive and balanced in their approach, Librans make for good marketeers and presenters. They like to mediate, to arbitrate in disputes and to balance things around them. One of their innate missions is to work for peace and harmony in the world, imposing justice and order with their natural diplomacy. 

To evolve, their spirit needs to overcome the strong doubts that plague them when they have to make a decision. They have to learn to be direct and firm with their opinions, setting aside any complacency that could sometimes leave them a bit too quiet. They need to guard against a tendency for comfort, inertia, a great dependence on affection from certain people and the search for peace at any price. They also should learn to forgive and forget. Since Libra natives have natural artistic and aesthetics abilities, they do well in the careers that require them to socialise, to teach, advise, guide, and to harmonize associations. Therefore they are well suited as diplomats, judges, public relations consultants, advisers, psychologists and artists.

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Virgo & Careers

Methodical, sincere and hard-working, Virgo achieve success on the career front quite easily, because work is not something they do to just pass the time. For them, their work is an extension of their personality. They seek perfection and won’t stop until they achieve it. And for more than anybody else, it is for their own sense of job satisfaction that they leave no stone unturned to reach perfection. However, they may seem bossy and controlling at work at times, but it is not about striving to be at the top. Rather, it is about reaching the Virgo standards.

Besides, they are gifted with excellent organisation skills and have a knack of communicating and mediating between different parties, and therefore finding a middle ground and helping people with very diverse opinions arrive at consensus comes quite easily to them. This particular characteristic of theirs can make them an asset for their employers. And when they are employers, their qualities enable Virgo to harmonize and stabilize their workforce quite well. 

Known for their analytical mind, the Virgo have the potential to reach great heights in professions where precision is called for. They should choose professions that have growth potential. Hence, a profession in Math, Physics, Finance, Engineering, Research, Medical, Architecture, Investment and Stock Market may prove to be a good career choice. Also, these helpful and observant people make great data analysts, contractors, accountants, lawyers and teachers. 

On the downside, though, a Virgo’s demand for perfection borders on obsession, which may, at times, make them miss deadlines. Also, they often end up spending too much time doing one particular task only, needless to say in an attempt to do it perfectly, leaving rest of the projects or tasks incomplete. Also, they tend to over-complicate things and are quick to criticize  Since anything less than perfect is not acceptable to them, it is quite possible that their co-workers find it difficult to match up to their standards and get along with them. 

Because they have fixed opinions, which are strongly backed by facts and figures, it is often a tough task to convince the Virgo to change their mind. An accommodating approach may take them a long way on the career path. It would also mean that the would be more adaptable to adverse situations and not get stuck in one particular job.

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Leo & Careers

Leo, ruled by the giver of energy – Sun, are those who make things happen, and their levels of enthusiasm and interest make a whole lot of difference to any situation, assignment or project they are associated with. People around them ask for their opinions and advice, even at times when the Leo wish to keep mum and take a neutral stand. Loyal that they are, Leo don’t succumb to pressure and divulge secrets. They are great thinkers and speakers, who lead from the front and inspire others to be their best. And all of these qualities naturally gravitate them to positions of authority and leadership, so that they cannot only make their presence felt, but can also make a difference.

Stubborn and domineering, Leo don’t like to be told what they should do. Hence, while dealing with a Leo, ensure to keep your tone soft and give instructions politely, because orders don’t go down well with Leo. Try your luck if you want to hear him roar! Leo do better when working for themselves and have their own expression in whatever they do. Even in job, they happen to perform at their very best when they have a full scope of adding their personal flair to the task assigned. 

These royal beings don’t mind hard work, actually, they can be one of the most hard-working people on board, but they get bored easily, and this can go on to become a major hurdle on their career path. They can’t continue doing things just for the sake of doing it, because they need to love what they do or they would jump from one to another without thinking much about the future. It is important for them to keep themselves occupied in doing things that they enjoy doing; everything else is secondary. Find out which career path is best suited for Leo. 

The confident and ambitious Leo can do best in careers where they can be appreciated and admired, and in which they can let their creative juices flow. They should take up careers that give them opportunity to meet and interact with people from different walks of life, because they tend to have excellent social skills and are extroverted. Also, they should avoid careers where they will have to work alone.

Considering their fine communication skills and love for spotlight, acting, direction, dancing, event planning, media, public relations etc. are good career options for Leo. Given their acute aesthetic sense.They may also shine well in the fields of designing animation, painting, modelling, anchoring etc. These majestic beings also have a healing touch, which is why they have potential to make a good career in medical professions. 

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Cancer & Careers

Ones to give honest opinions and great advice, Cancer are very protective of their personal space, loved ones, security and undertakings. They work steadily and ensure that the work is being done as the way it is supposed to be done. These shrewd and cautious beings advance towards their goals step-by-step and on nearing it they speed up like anything and reach their destination. These peculiarities make them cut out for entrepreneurship and top-level management jobs, as they make it a point to stay focused in order to accomplish the targets set. 

Responsible and dedicated lot that they are, Cancer do their homework and come well-prepared for meetings and conferences, needless to say, dot on time. Shy and introvert, Cancer don’t crave for attention and limelight. In fact, they may be the ones happily standing in the background, with a bunch of files in their hands, providing all the relevant and reliable data to the rest of the team members. And rest assured, this would be a fulfilling experience for them! 

Just like the waning and waxing of Moon, the ruling planet of this Zodiac Sign, the Cancer people go through plenty of mood swings and that too quite frequently. And during these periods, their productivity, efficiency and enthusiasm take a nosedive, and at times their moods can be so strong that everyone around them gets affected. If not tackled well in time, the frequency and intensity of their mood swings may mar their image at their work-place, and others may prefer to keep a distance from them. In order to exploit their potential to the optimum level, Cancer should make concrete efforts to curb on their tendency to going to into their shell every now and then.

Blessed with strong intuitive powers and imagination, Cancer have a natural flair for learning a variety of subjects, which makes them excellent artists, writers, composers, actors, and psychics. Besides, these sensitive types love to nurture and take care of things, and hence they may go places if they make a career in the fields of human resource, law, nursing, teaching and childcare. Whatever field they choose to be in, one thing is for sure that they will not be there to feed their ego. They work because they like to be financially secure and make their life as comfortable as they possibly can without pushing their luck too far.

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Gemini & Careers

The Geminis, or the Twins as they are called, are very talkative, so they love to communicate, meet people and see different places. They love to travel and always to be on the move. They really don’t feel very comfortable in a leadership position, or in a profession that compels them to stay in the same place most of the time, since many of them, by nature, are foot-loose and fancy free. Their favorite activities are to unite people with mutual interests, to operate as an intermediary or to be of some service to other people. Born with the gift of the gab, they also tend to be good communicators. 

Gemini is an Air sign, which means Twin natives are curious, sociable and mentally sharp. All occupations that stimulate their intellect and offer the possibility of communicating will be very suitable for them. They need variety, change, travel and the exchange of ideas. They have the ability to multi-task. However, they need to learn to be consistent, patient and to control their rapid thought process. If you are a Gemini, or have a loved one born under this Sign, we suggest, you don’t let your (or their) communication skills be squandered. 

The Geminis are very curious and always hunting for more information. Their youthful and jovial attitude helps them to easily get on the same wavelength with others. They may be a bit immature and naive in their judgments  which many times could lead to entanglements in problems or into complicated situations. However they generally wriggle out of tight situations with the help of their quick wit and original ideas.

Some of their traits which can adversely affect their careers are restlessness, anxiety and nervousness which sometimes makes them impatient and don’t permit them to successfully complete their projects. They need to learn to be more persevering, not to get influenced by the ideas and opinions others, not to talk too much about their tasks and let their actions speak more than their words. They should also avoid getting entangled in gossiping. Their office is likely to be filled with all kinds of phones, computers, fax machines, and various other gadgets. The purpose of their life is to unite people, disseminate information, sponsor businesses, to create solutions, and to teach – so any career which calls for these qualities would suit them well.

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Taurus & Careers

Being a truly Earth Sign, the Taurus is considered a workaholic sign. Usually, you may not find them steaming ahead at break-neck speed, but they are very loyal, dependable hard workers and the kinds that you would love to have in your team as they are also very cooperative. They are very pragmatic and down to earth, and are unlikely to take off on flights of fancy. Thus, they can be real assets to any company they serve, or even if they create one of their own.

Though Bulls have a sharp business acumen, there also resides a latent artist deep within them. They can sometimes be a bit obstinate, which can lead people to under-value all the hard work that they put in. Besides, they have a real short temper, and when they blow their fuse, you’d better run for cover! You will need to handle them with a lot of tact, and if you can motivate them to stay focused on their targets – the best way to do that is by offering them material incentives or some days off – it will become that much easier for you to achieve your larger goals. If you are a Taurus, or have a loved one born under this Sign, we suggest, you don’t let your (or their) hard labor get wasted. 

When you have an urgent deadline to beat, you can count on the Taurus to help you along. Since they can be slow off the mark, you may have to really goad them into action. However, once they get into the driver’s seat, their focus will be fully on the road – and on the goal – and they will go about it calmly without letting anything on the sidelines distract them. They can be literally bull-headed, so you better spell out the ground rules first, and then rest assured that the Taurus will do your bidding in letter and spirit. 

If the Taurus holds the lead position in a company, his/her office is likely to be informal, comfortable, and yet have a professional air about it. It’s the kind of office where clients, interviewees and co-workers will feel pleasant and relaxed. Though they are not overly ambitious, their dedication and hard work can carry them quite high up in the hierarchy over the years, where their administrative skills too can be optimally utilized.

The professions best suited for the Taurus are banking, the performing arts, accounts, or any other career which calls for single-minded dedication, regardless of the monotony of the work, and loads of patience.

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Aries & Careers

The born leaders, the literal and metaphorical beginners of the Zodiac, Aries hate losing, and thus, they usually ‘win’! Well, that applies to each area of their lives. You will not regret having an Aries on your team, for when it comes to their careers, they like to go all guns blazing, provided they like the area/ subject. They may not decide on a vocation right away, but when they have decided, they go all out – after all, that’s the only way they know.

The true Fire element in them raises its head whenever the Aries are confronted with a challenge, an adversity or some real pressure. They do not let this opportunity pass, for this is the time to display their trademark courage, strength, intensity and supreme energy. Their energy and action-orientation are worth imbibing, or at least, worth preserving. If you are an Aries, or have a loved one born under this Sign, we suggest, you don’t let your (or their) volatile, raw and immense potential get wasted. 

Competitive and boastful, Aries love playing games, provided these games are malice-free and fair. Genuine people, they are often honest, and sincerely believe in fair-play. Combustible, fiery and blatant they may be, but they never are inconsiderate and unfair. They like to take leadership rules, and thanks to their planetary rules, aggressive Mars, they make for strong, fierce, ruthless albeit conscientious leaders. Unsurprisingly, most of them are uncomfortable in subordinate roles, and even if there, they like to take projects head-on, often leaving a blazing trail for their colleagues to follow. 

Their cocksure belief in their abilities may get a tad irritating for their team-mates, yet Aries are unlikely to give up on anything they believe in. Most Aries crave adventure and speed, and their life is often a mix of both. No wonder they despise preachy staff meetings and retirement plans are rarely a part of their long-term agendas. 

Most important quality that Aries need to learn or cultivate as they go along their career paths is the ability to think through. We all know that hasty actions don’t bear sweet fruit in business and professional decisions. If the Aries imbibe this learning, they can avoid taking regrettable career decisions or moves. Another vital lesson they have to learn is to finish what they begin! 

The most suitable areas or professions for Aries are – Research, Medicine and related fields, Surgery, Mechanics, Athletics and Sports, Fire-fighting, Adventure Travel, Engineering, Psychology, and most importantly, Entrepreneurship. 

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