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Pisces Challenges:

The greatest challenge for Pisces people is for them to not allow people to take advantage of them. Due to their very trusting natures, they can often be looked at as easy prey by others. They must learn to say “No!” and set clear boundaries. The Pisces person must also learn not to feel bad about standing up for themselves. 

Lastly, the Pisces astrological sign can find life on this Earth to be very difficult. They tend to soak in the negative energetic vibes around them like a sponge. This usually takes a draining toll on them emotionally. 

The Pisces zodiac sign person can be incredibly tempted to relieve these pressures by indulging in escapism activities. This can be done by losing themselves through alcohol, drugs, sexuality, video games, TV, or binge eating. 

Ultimately, the Pisces needs to learn how to protect themselves emotionally from negativity. This will really help them to grow stronger and be more willing and able to handle everyday life.

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Aquarius Challenges:

The sun in Aquarius individual tends to deeply mistrust authority figures. This usually begins with their parents and then moves on to teachers and employers. 

In all the stages of their life, this can get them into hot water because they tend to openly and sometimes aggressively challenge authority figures. 

They have a deep belief that respect must be earned and not simply given because of an impressive title. 

This, of course, isn’t a bad thing at all, but sometimes they can definitely misjudge people and later regret their words and/or actions.

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Capricorn Challenges:

The Capricorn profile, as mentioned earlier, shows people who take life very seriously. They have the unfortunate tendency to see the glass is half-empty. Thus, they can be very negative and pessimistic about life. 

In addition, they can be incredibly and unrealistically hard on themselves. Disciplining themselves to realize that there are 2 sides to every coin will help them to see their blessings in life instead of what falls short of their expectations. 

Learning to value their home life, love life, family, and friendships will give them a greater sense of balance in their life and will help them to recharge their batteries. Ironically, this will ultimately help them to succeed faster in their careers because they’re able to approach work from a more positive mindset.

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Sagittarius Challenges:

The greatest challenge for the Sagittarius sign is their fear of losing their freedom. This can cause them to back away from love relationships that could be very rewarding for them. 

In addition, a long-term commitment where it is mandatory that they stay in one location could make them shy away from promising career situations. These people need to see the world. 

Their honesty can be too much for other at times. They can be fairly blunt and be known for having foot-in-mouth disease. This can (and probably has) get them into a lot of hot water at times. 

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Scorpio Challenges:

As a result of their fierce determination to reach the top, they have the unfortunate tendency to be power hungry. They can, at times, be very tempted to reach the top by unscrupulous and/or ruthless means. 

Taking a spiritual approach to life and a compassionate world view of their fellow man will help the Scorpio astrology sign immensely. In this way, their passionate drive for success is everybody’s victory and not just their own.

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Libra Challenges:

Feeling the need to be a people pleaser is easily the most challenging of the Libra personality traits. Although, at first glance, it is truly a beautiful attribute to always try to make the people around you happy, these very same people may end up not respecting the Libran because they view them as being wish-washy. 

In addition, too much of meeting people’s needs often means that they end up sacrificing their own needs. Even worse, they may actually lose touch with what their needs and wants are. 

The solution for these kind folks is to value their own needs as much as others and therefore not be afraid to rock the boat by learning to state their needs clearly and saying “No” sometimes to requests that they’d rather not do. 

The Libra astrology sign also tends to suffer from their wonderful objectivity. You see, the problem is that they tend to want to make “the” perfect decision by weighing all of their options. They can drive their loved ones crazy by the difficulty they have making even the most trivial of decisions. The solution here is simple; perfection is an ideal and not a reality. Make the most intelligent decision and live with it. Life is all about learning from your mistakes anyway and not about how perfect you managed to be. 

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Virgo Challenges:

Virgo astrology sign people can be over analytical and have a very hard time letting go of the issues in their life when it’s time for them to relax. Therefore, some of them suffer from insomnia due to the unfortunate tendency to worry excessively. 

In addition, if they worry to an extreme, their physical bodies may have a hard time withstanding the pressure and all kinds of physical ailments may crop up such as ulcers and/or migraines. 

Disciplining themselves to meditate on a regular basis will do wonders for them by helping them to obtain more mental clarity and peace of mind. 

In addition, they should also make sure that they take periodic vacations. A welcome change of scenery can help them to come back to their lives fresh and renewed.

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Leo Challenges:

Despite all of the many positive Leo personality traits, the dark side of Leo can surface at times. Their abundant self-confidence can actually have too much of a good thing. 

When this occurs, the Leos can become arrogant, condescending, and have a true superiority complex. These people may feel superior to most everyone and not really respect others like they should. 

Therefore, Leo people should always strive to maintain a balanced perspective about themselves. They should also make sure that they understand that the needs and desires of others are every bit as important as their own.

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Cancer Challenges:

Astrology Cancer sign people are often very sensitive and can read into people’s comments more than they should. This often results in them feeling offended by something that was said that wasn’t really meant to hurt them. 

Therefore, working on their self-confidence and realizing that gaining their own approval is really all that they need is be very useful for them. This will help them to be more oblivious to comment’s that may or may not have had any harmful intentions.

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Gemini Challenges:

Since Gemini people are so naturally curious, they have the unfortunate tendency to flit from one subject to another and never really gaining a thorough understanding of any one subject. Therefore, they can appear to be very knowledgeable, but sometimes they tend to know things about a lot of topic without knowing more in-depth information about the topic. 

The Gemini Profile of being world class multi-taskers often means that they can end up juggling too many tasks at once. They can, therefore, spread themselves way too thin. Ultimately, this can leave them feeling quite frazzled. Learning to objectively prioritize their commitments and learning to say ‘NO’ to lesser obligations can go a long way to helping them to achieve some peace of mind.

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Taurus Challenges:

The greatest challenge for Taurus people is that they can be very stubborn and inflexible. Once they’ve mind up their mind about a matter, that’s usually the end of the discussion. They simply can’t be budged afterwards. 

This isn’t always a bad thing, of course, but it does tend to mean that they aren’t always open to other ideas and/or approaches. 

The Taurus person also tends to take their time getting things done and can be slow to act. This isn’t to imply that they’re lazy because they really aren’t. They just want to get up to speed when they’re good and ready. 

Taurus people can take a while to make up their minds about something. Others may even think that they’re mentally slow, but the truth is that they have to really think about an issue very thoroughly because once they make up their mind, they’re going to stick to it. 

The Taurus person also tends to hate change of all types and usually feels threatened by it on some level. Visualization techniques of positive outcomes can help them to stop resisting change.

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Aries Challenges:

The main challenge that Aries people face is the relentless impatience that they feel within themselves. They can have fierce tempers and can easily explode into a temper tantrum when they’re feeling frustrated. They typically want what they want, when they want it! Due to this, physical exercise and meditation are both excellent ways for them to work off their frustrations and regain balance within themselves.

They also tend to have very strong personalities and are usually very direct and sometimes blunt. This can cause them to rub other people the wrong way without actually meaning to. Therefore, they have a great need to develop their diplomacy skills.

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