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Zodiac Signs and Colors:

Yellow: This color is related to Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Virgo. It stimulates memory, self-confidence, happiness and innovation. Use this color in your clothes to acquire the ability to understand and comprehend others. Yellow also symbolizes power and energy.
Blue: This color is the one that stands for Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. It is a very relaxing tone, related with intellectual matters, it helps to get relaxed and reach for peace and tranquility. It is recommended to paint the living-room in blue or light shades of this color. Besides, it is useful to increase creativity. Blue color equals wisdom, confidence, eternity, power and integrity.
White: The color related to the sign of Cancer. It is well known that this color symbolizes purity that is why brides walk to the altar dressed up in it. It is a color that allows anyone to feel peace, it stimulates kindness, optimism and increases the will of reaching perfection. You can paint the walls of a room in white combined with other color, in order to attract light.
Golden: This color stands for the sign of Leo. It is also associated with the sun and power. Golden color represents great wisdom and knowledge. It is the perfect color to combat depression, it also helps to feel inspiration and take away any fear. Use golden jewels combined with any other color to increase the qualities of all them. Golden color also stands for richness.
Grey: Gemini and Aquarius are the signs related to this color. Grey symbolizes independence and it is a shield to protect anyone from external influences. Gray also stands for division, evasion and getting away from commitments. Humanity, generosity are other qualities of this tone. People that wear gray for work, show stability and self-sufficiency.
Brown: The color for the signs of Taurus and Virgo. The brown color symbolizes the earth and it is related to the repression of feelings, the exaltation of fears and low self-esteem. Leaving weaknesses aside, this color also stands for fertility, realism and stability. This color has to be used in measure and preferably in combination with cheerful colors.
Purple or Indigo: This color stands for the signs of Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. It is well known that this color is used by psychiatrists to calm down patients that suffer from nerves, this is because it helps to transform or mutate fears and obsessions. This color is associated with the brain and a great stimulator of intuition. This color is the perfect key to help a person to achieve spiritual transformation, it increases artistic abilities and inspires compassion. Use this color whenever you decide to start new projects or combine it with grey to bringing stability and creativity to public view.
Orange: This is another color related to the sign of Leo, it lessens feelings of sorrow and insecurity while granting understanding towards others. This is a color that stimulates intellect and is also a great remedy to combat depression. In order to feel full of energy, you rather get dressed with a blouse or shirt in this color.
Black: The color for all those people born under the sign of Capricorn. It symbolizes mystery, silence and passive strength. Black color is related to mourning, even though in France and England the great color for mourning is white. Using black in clothes, means austerity, elegance, but also shows loneliness and isolation. Always use black combined with other colors.
Silver: The signs of Gemini, Cancer and Aquarius are related to this color. Silver is the color of our moon, it stands for femininity, emotions and sensibility. It is the color to create harmony and balance in the inner me. It also symbolizes versatility, peace, perseverance and intelligence. It is very easy to combine silver with almost any other color.
Red: Aries and Scorpio are the signs represented by this color. Red means power, self-confidence, optimism and vitality. The negative aspect of using this color in clothes is that it might have an influence for the person to become irritable and impatient. The red has always been the great representation of love.
Pink: It is related to Libra. It is a color that shows an unselfish love, it symbolizes care and protection. Besides, it has influence to minimize negative feelings. Get dressed with pink to show innocence or to calm your emotions.
Turqoise: It is associated with Aquarius. This color is always related to the sea. It is the color to control stress and helps to innovate all kind of ideas. It is also great to be combined with silver to increase communication and creativity. You can use jewels with stones in this color such as the aquamarine.
Green: The color for Taurus, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. It is a color that strengthens love towards nature. It allows to empathize with others and helps to create an environment of tranquility. Do not combine green and yellow because that will increase envy and resentment. In order to feel more energy, use this color with white, golden or silver jewelry.
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