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Please make sure you read the descriptions under my Most-To-Least lists!

I write them for a reason. What reason? To clarify why I put them in the order I did.

For example:
People are upset that they’re low on the “honest” list - claiming that they don’t lie. 
That’s why I wrote that the lower ones aren’t liars, persay, as much as they’re more prone to smudge facts, leave out details, or exaggerate - which isn’t lying, but puts them lower on the list.

So, please, please, please - read before you jump to conclusions and feel offended!

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One small announcement~

We’ve been getting lots of questions that ask us to describe a family or friend group.

Honestly, not to sound rude, but you already know how your families or friends interact. I know its fun to hear how other people see it the way that we do through Astrology, but when 1 person asks and then 100 others join in, it gets really tiring.

Unless you have a family problem: “My mother is a Scorpio and my father is a Pisces. He seems really hurt by her all the time, and lashes out at me, a Taurus, how can I help them get along?” or something along those lines… Please don’t ask us to just describe your family. We have links for how each individual sign is compatible with the rest, you’re free to look through those and try to piece together if Astrology pins down your family or not.

Thanks for understanding lovelies <3

— Willo

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Coming up next:

Many people were asking “why you should/shouldn’t date a ______” so I decided to make a series on it all!

Only, with a twist: They’re all riddled with over exaggeration and sarcasm, for the sake of humor, and therefore not to be taken too seriously. xD 



We just posted about Cusps! Information on each, as well as some minor compatibility information.

Since we do not believe in cusps, we still prefer not to answer questions about them - but we do recognize that our followers do believe in them/want to know about them, so there you are. :)

This post explains why I don’t believe in cusps.

This post explains why Willo doesn’t believe in cusps.

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Just wanted to let you know—

That while we’re playing the games, Honesty Hour, Guess my Sign, and Marry- Fuck- Kill we don’t normally answer other questions. All of us are in different places, so its hard to coordinate the answers for out games! 

I’m really sorry for that guys, but we get back to posting other questions after. Please try not to spam our mail box just because you see us answering game questions :) 

Thank you :)

— Willo


Hey Guys~

We know that you’re eager to have your questions seen, and answered… But we do sleep, too! ;) 

Try to only ask your question once. It makes us get through everyone’s questions faster, and prevents us from looking mean.

If your question isn’t answered within about 12 hours of you asking it, then maybe you can try to ask again. And always remember to check the “Answered Questions" tag on our main page before you try again~ Every question we answer goes in there.

Thank you so much :)

— Willo

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Also in regards to recent questions;

We here at AstralTwelve absolutely love receiving questions from you all. We try very hard to provide you with all the information you may need - and then more! 

However, there have been some occasions when it’s hard for us to answer certain questions, or we are asked certain things that we have information about already!

For example:


If you’d just like a description of yourself, we’d prefer that you visit the top of our page. It looks like this:


All the links on the top three lines provide articles that are super long, and absolutely full of awesome details! We wouldn’t want to leave anything out, or crowd up the dashboard, so if you wouldn’t mind checking there, you can get all the information you desire. :D




As for personal appearances: 

It is absolutely impossible to judge such things based on Astrology. That’s more of a genetics things.


Well, we all know that most people are here for compatibility - and that’s perfectly fine! However, when you ask us the compatibility of “____ and ____” the same applies for natal chart stuff — we have lots of awesome stuff already posted! 

On our page, just go here:


And behold the glory!


We have links to information about all the signs - with all the signs! With all of the details. :D


We have two tags that are especially designed to help people who have questions.

Answered questions" - which has every single question we have ever answered.

Frequently Asked Questions" - which is literally just that; questions we get asked often, so make available for everyone to view easily.

In all cases:

We’d prefer if you take just a few minutes of your time to explore our blog to see if you can find the answer to your questions. If you can’t, or have specific questions, we will be glad to answer them for you, or provide you with links to the information you seek.

One last note:

There have been some cases, where people message us “statements” instead of questions. Well some of those are complete thoughts, others are more like “Capricorn male dating Pisces female” in which we usually just reply with a link, since no real question is being asked. 

As silly is this may sound, we would like if our lovely followers actually asked us questions, that way we may provide as accurate of answers as we can. :)

Thank you all very much!


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Due to recent questions:

I’d like to tell you about one of the mechanics here at Astraltwelve. :)

That is, the Queue.

I (Calli) personally and obsessively keep our Queue filled. It usually has between 100-200 posts in it, though I sometimes go up to 300. I have it set to post 11 times a day - that’s once every two hours. Everything we post is comes from the queue, with the exception of answering questions.

When I add things, I add it about all the signs, in the appropriate order.

That means- If you see something about one sign, and don’t see it about yours; I did not forget you. We’re not waiting for requests, or anything silly like that. It is in the queue, and will be up shortly.

We ask for your patience, as we promise your sign is not forgotten~ 

Thank you once again for following us. We love you all. :D


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We&#8217;d prefer if people who just want a &#8220;describe me&#8221; go through cafeastrology. If not, the top of our page provides many articles about all the celestial objects.
If you message us with the above required information, we will give you your natal chart.
If you message us with a &#8220;describe me&#8221; we will refer you to links to the above mentioned articles, as they are lengthy, detailed, and we believe they will do more than an adequate job of describing you.
If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask us. We&#8217;re always more than willing to help, and have many resources available on our page. :)

(Click here to go to the original post)

We’d prefer if people who just want a “describe me” go through cafeastrology. If not, the top of our page provides many articles about all the celestial objects.

If you message us with the above required information, we will give you your natal chart.

If you message us with a “describe me” we will refer you to links to the above mentioned articles, as they are lengthy, detailed, and we believe they will do more than an adequate job of describing you.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask us. We’re always more than willing to help, and have many resources available on our page. :)


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Dear pastis-prologue,

We got your “fan mail”. Please realize that we cannot actually answer your question if you don’t send it in an ask, and use the “fan mail” feature. 

If you’d like to try again in an ask, we’ll be really happy to answer you! Other than that, there’s not much we can do :(

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A note in regards to recent questions;

It’s a common known belief that Scorpio’s tend to have a large sex drive, and are very sensual and sexual, whereas other signs, such as Virgo, may be seen as not often wanting to engage in such activities. 

That is "tendencies”, and “may.” 

Having Scorpio in your chart does not make you a slut, just like having Virgo does not make you a prude. 

Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, etc, all can be used to predict what attracts you, how you visualize sex, what it means to you, etc. 

Whether you’re a slut or a prude is a life decision that is affected by a person’s personality and upbringing, rather than being dictated by zodiac signs.

A Scorpio may choose to wait until marriage, just like a Virgo may choose to have multiple sexual partners. 

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We’ve had many people asking about cusps,

And as we’ve posted before, we’re not a big fan of them. Yes, you can be born within a time period that the sun may have been in another sign in other years. However, we have enough accurate technology to tell exactly where the sun was when you were born, and where the sun was is your Sun sign.

I’m considered a “cusp”. I was born on April 15th, so I should be an Aries/Taurus cusp. However, we know for a fact that I’m an Aries. And the trait I possess that seem “un-Aries” are all explained by where the other planets where when I was born. Therefore, I don’t really believe that I’m a cusp at all. I’m an Aries.

However, we know that people feel differently. So, I’ll post this link here about cusps, and if you’re interested, you can read it. Its hard for us to post things that we don’t quite believe in, because its almost like false information that we’re passing to you :P

— Willo

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Hey Guys!~

Lately, we’ve had a few people tell us that we haven’t answered their questions. Which is actually really weird… Because we Calli and I (And occasionally Hunter, and Drake) always answer everything that comes in! 

Make sure that if you ask us a question, you check the blog back within an hour or two, because we do try to post a lot. And we do get a bunch of questions. If you still can’t find it— click here, and it shows every question we’ve answered.

And if is STILL isn’t there, ask again! We feel really bad hearing that people feel ignored, or skipped. Thanks <3

— Willo

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Another little reminder:

Compatibility is so much more than just your sun sign. 

We’re happy to help you get the other planet signs attributed to relationships if you’d like us to. 

However, we do understand that some people like simple answers. However, if our advise based on your sun signs seems a little off, it is probably because of the other “romance” signs that are at play :)

— Willo

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There are some posts coming up that may have a negative comment about one of the zodiac signs.
I’d like to point out beforehand than none of them are reflective of any of this group’s personal opinions.
We simply were using “google” and “yahoo” to search things, and found humor in the frequent searches that both sites displayed.
They are meant for humor, and we hope that our followers/visitors take them as such.
We personally found them hilarious, and are quite sure that you shall, as well. :)
Thank you, my dears, and have a lovely day~

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