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Pisces & Fitness

Pisces do enough running around to last several lifetimes - usually on other people’s behalf. If you do have a health or fitness problem, it won’t be through lack of exercise but because you dive into platefuls of fat-soaked and sugar-saturated foods whenever the emotional going gets tough.

It’s very important given your dramatic, excessive nature that you build up gradually to any new exercise plan.

You are inclined to rush headlong into keep-fit or sport - and retire hurt. You can’t expect the superb fitness of an athlete or trained ballet dancer in the early weeks of a new regime.Stamina, strength and flexibility have to be worked at and worked up gradually.

Dance and dance-drama are the creative movements best suited to your temperament. You have a talent for fast dance steps - tap, Irish and Scottish dance - as well as ballroom. Perhaps you once wanted to do this for a career - and maybe there is still time … Swim at least twice a week to unlock pent-up feelings and to build a healthy muscle ratio.

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Aquarius & Fitness

It’s vital for a party person like you to get outdoors more. But you skimp on exercise because it cuts into your sociaIising time. lt’s no good going to the country if you never get out of the car!

You must be emotionally involved with all you do - so learn as much as you can about yogafrom a teacher - and immerse yourself in the philosophy behind it. It conquer stress and you can use it for a whole range of ailments, from strains and sprains to asthma and circulation problems.

One of the biggest benefits of yoga movements (once you’ve limbered up and become more supple) is that they can be done anytime, anywhere. You won’t need to readjust your day unduly - though you’ll probably find it more fun to study and practice alongside other people. 

You could also try pilates and judo. Take care though: you might become a born-again fitness freak and even decide to run your own club!

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Capricorn & Fitness

You’ve amazing stamina and a teeth-gritted determination to see through any challenge to the end. But lighten up when choosing physical activities, or it will become more and more of a torture.

You need exercise that does not put long-term strain on joints and tendons - your knees are particularly vulnerable and, as you mean to live to a great old age, it would be a pity to wear them out prematurely.

You’ll feel most at home with walking tours - you need to feel your feet on the earth and rocks and your soul soars in wild settings with no one around (just a few grizzlies and coyotes in the distance).

You thrive when you can link your quest for knowledge with improving practical skills; so pick study holidays with crafts or trade-skills lessons. 

For dull winter evenings nearer to home, take up Latin American dance in order to limber up your body and knock away those stuffy, conventional thoughts that can make you gloomy. It’s so sexy, too!

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Sagittarius & Fitness

Sport’s in your blood and you probably ran through the A to Z of physical activities in your teens.

Problem is, many of your star sign turn chunky round the hips after a certain age. When that happens, you don’t want to revive your former sporting loves in public: ‘If I can’t do it as brilliantly as I used to, I’ll leave it alone.’ Big mistake - and you know it.

Look for activities that combine some of your former favorites. No physical activity’s a success for you unless you work up a healthy sweat (which is why your skin’s usually so good and you seldom feel toxic). 

And you don’t have fitness fun unless there’s a good social scene on tap, too. So stick with the madcap whirl of keep-fit draws that you think sound most fun - skiing, riding, surfing or assault course training.

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Scorpio & Fitness

Don’t even consider a physical activity that leaves your mind cold. 

Get involved in an archaeological dig on a working holiday and you’ll look as if you’ve spent a fortune on a personal trainer.

Make sure that your activity gives mental challenges as well as physical ones. Learn the basic skills of diving then swap the library for an underwater salvage op - treasures and mysteries on the sea-bed are the kind of mental jigsaws you love. 

You love guessing games, so orienteering and realistic survival courses satisfy the thrill-seeker in you while making you as fit as a wild animal.

Make your holidays back-to-nature wilderness breaks and become an instructor to pass on your skills - you’re a natural leader, although you can prefer to work alone and hate incompetence. 

Water activities like pool volley ball are good tension releasers for Scorpio – they cool your passions and frustrations.

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Libra & Fitness

Being bossed by personal trainers and sports instructors turns you off - you’d rather nibble chocolate gingers and watch a fitness video. With you, it’s always tomorrow - so start your new regime with a friend or partner. They’ll nag if you try to back out or let them down.

Let vanity be your biggest spur - pose in front of cruel mirrors that tell the truth about your back view.

Pick a sports centre where you can mix socially - after exercising. 

Cycle, swim or ride to keep those Libra buttocks and thighs from turning to jelly. Concentrate on improving your style. Aim for prizes and certificates and pin them up - near the fridge.

Swimming underwater for alternate widths can recharge your mental batteries while you limber up your body - very important for air sign Libra. 

Combine your love of animals with muscle-toning and volunteer to groom horses, train dogs - you could aim for sheepdog agility trials . Help disabled youngsters enjoy sport : you won’t notice you’re ‘exercising’.

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Virgo & Fitness

You’re one of the few star signs that sticks to regular exercise - often as a penance, not a pleasure. Have more fun and ensure you pick activities that get you into the fresh air. 

Wear your running shoes to get you to your allotment. You’ll get a buzz out of designing an organic vegetable garden and improving your plot’s soil will work every muscle in your body. And it will satisfy your desire for order and refinement, as well as fulfilling your quest for healthy natural produce. 

Then expand your expertise and offer your services to others - you’ll be so fit and it won’t cost you a penny in class membership or equipment. Just make sure that you carry a couple of changes of dry (old) clothes with you and you’ll be able to exercise in all weathers

Hiking, rambling, or helping out at a big plant nursery would also give you lifelong exercise that kept you fascinated and fulfilled. 

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Leo & Fitness

Embrace a sport or physical pastime that lets you show off in front of others. Become a coach, not just a pupil, and practice till you’re perfect.

Only the best will do for you - the most famous club, best equipment, highest standard. Win games, rounds, prizes and applause. It’ll keep you coming back to that activity indefinitely and it will give you the athletic body shape your personality deserves.

And you’re one of the few signs who, having signed up to an expensive club or invested in fitness equipment, has the willpower to get their money’s worth. 

Watch out for overuse skeletal injuries and especially guard against back and neck damage. Warm up well before any match or training.

Learn to horse-ride – show-jumping and cross-country appeal to your daring physicality and flair for control. Cycle or dance (to competition level). Or join an acting class. Fast walk your nervous aggression and work problems away on a treadmill.

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Cancer & Fitness

Your perfect exercise combines regular, smooth movement with helping other people. Learn to massage correctly, train as a sports physiotherapist or become an osteopath. You won’t have to make time for exercise, but your work will keep you fit, supple and emotionally satisfied, too. 

Prone to worry peaks and inactivity troughs, your moods often dictate how much activity you get. Schedule a regular monthly cycle of different exercises - and make sure friends keep you at it; it will help you get on top of your moods, which are often hormonally-led.

Music’s important to your new regime and you will always find it inspires you to put more energy into your movements. 

Access to water is also vital - whether you swim in it, shower in it or drink it. You will also benefit from having mirrors around you to gain a sense of space even in an artificial indoor setting. Walk or work by the sea. Crew on a boat for your holiday. 

At home, DIY projects and any form of gardening will give you a life-long satisfaction and keep your cardiovascular health good. 

You’ll only ever stick to an exercise routine that allows you to immerse your mind and moods into it with clockwork regularity.

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Gemini & Fitness

You talk yourself into starting a new physically active hobby - then drop it once the novelty’s worn off (and muscles begin to ache). It’s easy to spot Gemini at the recreation center, gabbing to a pal in the pool’s shallow end or rushing to answer their mobile, wrapped only in a towel. 

To succeed, you need a regime that will tie your mind, not just your body, into the action. Routines that force you to slow down physically are what your frazzled brain craves.

Learn the evolved, intricate moves of an activity like T’ai-chi Ch’uan. It means ‘wholeness’ and it can give Geminis the mental challenge they need. It is much more than a workout - a combined life philosophy, dance drama and recipe for mental simplification.

By forcing you to think in a focused way, breathe correctly and move fluidly, it’ll calm you and help you shape your day. It will improve the way you walk, sit and concentrate in your everyday life, too.

You need to expand your lung capacity, so singing, running, swimming and skateboarding will all suit you.

And if you combine your physical activity with 20 minutes’ quiet meditating alone each day (early morning’s your best time), you’ll avoid tiredness. 

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Taurus & Fitness

Easygoing and slothful? Yes, but you have a strong, fit body and natural good health. To get the best out of life, that body needs to be stretched and pushed to its limits.

You’re not competitive, but you feel angry with yourself if you allow your body to get out of shape. Your nervy, edgy moods are often the result of physical inactivity. Dancercise any overindulgence away.

Pick a stamina-building hobby that takes you out into the wildest parts of the countryside - climbing, caving or hiking. Blend your love of nature with developing your upper body – rowing or kayaking perhaps. Take up long distance to build that ideal Taurus inverted triangle torso shape.

You’ll be happiest sharing outdoors activities with a love partner or close mate.

Weather bad? Shift into the gym. Working out with weights is your best indoor exercise. But try a modern movement class that blends into more acrobatic routines, too. 

Singing in a choir or group will also keep you fit, expanding your lung power along with your social circle. You’ll find singing in public addictive - you’ve a talent for it. Just don’t overdo late, after-show eating.

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Aries & Fitness

Super-energetic, impatient and competitive, you just can’t wait to get started - on any kind of open-air sport that pitches you headlong into heated action.

You can be an excellent team player but you also get a big buzz from beating a single opponent (as in tennis singles matches). You should aim high. Always try to hit the standard you might have achieved if you’d become a professional player (lots of Aries play sport professionally!) Join a club or association to take your game onwards and upwards, with a string of badges and cups to show off.

Vigorous exercise, at least once a day, is your best way of banishing those headaches that come from trying to stem your impatience and desire for action. You benefit from working up a real sweat and making your high adrenalin levels go to work for you. 

And you like to use your local gym or sports club as the hub of your social life. It’s where you’re most likely to meet your love partner, too. 

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