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Pisces Gift Ideas

The Pisces in your life loves to dream. They are artistic, spiritual and creative. They are sentimental and romantic. Pisces is emotionally insecure. They need constant reassurance that everything is okay. They have a very sensual side and enjoy anything that treats their senses. They get jealous easily and are easy to take advantage of.

When choosing a gift for Pisces, don’t forget their personality. They love to be creative. Anything that gets their creative juices flowing is great. They love romance. Jewelry, art, history and religion appeal to them. Music feeds their soul. They love gardens, animals and fine food.

When choosing a Pisces gift, think sensual. Something that tickles their tastebuds, gives them comfort or is a treat for the eye would be perfect. They appreciate all beautiful things, from the flowers of nature to handcrafted tapestries. They are children of the ocean, so anything relating to water is welcome.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Pisces will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Pisces.

Pisces is sentimental. Give them family photos of treasured moments, framed exquisitely, of course. If they are interested, give them a camera so they can make their own memories. Scrapbooking supplies are a great way for them to keep track of their mementos. Anything related to water is wonderful. Bath oils and fragrances will pamper the body. An aquarium will provide hours of amusement. A tabletop water fountain will provide a wonderful focal point and the sound of water. If they like to swim, think of accessories they may need.

Music is a treat for their ears. Tickets to a concert, a CD from their favorite band or lessons would all be good gift ideas for Pisces. To treat their eyes, a new piece of artwork is always welcome. You could also give them art supplies to create their own art and treat their creativity. To treat their nose, a new fragrance or perhaps an essential oil kit would come in handy. Perhaps a set of aromatherapy oils, a diffuser and a book on how to use different scents for healing may be a most perfect gift.

For their sense of touch, give them soft clothing or blankets that they can luxuriate in. Anything that is a joy to touch would give them happiness. For their sense of taste, fine foods or a bottle of good wine hit the spot every time. A hamper of gourmet goodies to take on an intimate picnic would be welcome.

Jewelry is always a welcome gift. It appeals to Pisces’ sense of beauty. Gemstones can hold great meaning for them, so be sure you choose one of their favorites. Aquamarines, amethysts and other watery stones hold great fascination for them.

A romantic night may be the perfect gift. Be sure to remember the candlelight and perfect settings to set the mood. Make it relaxing and open for whatever possibilities may occur. Spending time with them, assuring them of your friendship or love will mean a great deal to them.

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Aquarius Gift Ideas

The Aquarius in your life has a terrific sense of humor. They love to socialize and have an affinity for the unusual. They like to be the center of attention. Their wit and intellect may keep you on your toes. They are impulsive and love spontaneity. History and culture fascinate them.

When choosing a gift for Aquarius, don’t forget their personality. They enjoy subtlety and avoid the hard sell. They love the arts and nature. They may seem fickle. They like to be progressive, but may end up sticking to some of their own traditions despite it all. As a social butterfly, Aquarius will have a great time in public but they also love a nice long intimate talk with the one they love.

When choosing an Aquarius gift, think unusual. Anything out of the ordinary will catch their eye. They also appreciate fashion and innovation. Take the time to really choose something for them. They’ll know if you put thought into it or not. The wrapping is unimportant… but if they feel you just grabbed the first thing you set eyes on they will be sorely disappointed.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Aquarius will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Aquarius.

Find something unusual. A unique piece of art or an esoteric piece will please them greatly. New age may appeal to them. Give them a deck of unusual tarot cards, a gift certificate for aromatherapy or other alternative therapy, or a beautiful crystal. Anything mysterious and puzzling will be a hit. Space… the final frontier. Aquarius loves astronomy. Get them a telescope or some other gadget that will help them learn about the universe and everything in it. A special night with just the two of you admiring the stars may be nice, too.

They love innovation. Get them the newest electronic gadget. This will keep them busy for hours. A new software program or video game that they have been eyeing is a great idea.

Aquarius likes trendy fashion. Keep abreast of the newest ideas coming off the runway and treat the Aquarius in your life to something special. A trendy shirt is always a lovely idea. If you can get tickets to a fashion show, they may really appreciate seeing all the new trends for themselves.

Tickets to the theater are always a good idea. Concerts with their favorite musicians are sure to please. Take them to an art museum and spend the afternoon gazing at the artistic treasures displayed there. Be sure and get them a nice souvenir of their experience so they will remember it always. If you have a nearby university, they may have a natural history museum. This would be an unusual treat for them to explore history.

Buy them an authentic historical artifact from eBay or wherever else you can find something unusual. A fossil, a Roman coin or other antiquity will please them immensely and be treasured forever.

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Capricorn Gift Ideas

The Capricorn in your life loves practicality. They appreciate simplicity in design and intent. A gift given sincerely is worth its weight in gold. They do like to indulge in luxurious things from time to time. If you are going to give them something, take the time to wrap it properly. They will notice every crease. They appreciate the time it takes to make something from scratch.

When choosing a gift for Capricorn, don’t forget their personality. They love physical comfort. Anything soft and warm will be accepted happily. They love for others to offer to do something for them. They like simple foods and natural materials. Wool is never wasted on them.

When choosing a Capricorn gift, think practical. They would rather have something they can use than something they need to dust. Comfortable clothing, a good book and a bowl of stew would make the perfect evening. They love to spend time with the one they love.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Capricorn will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Capricorn. Comfort. A soft thick bathrobe, warm slippers, a fleece blanket… these things will make Capricorn’s heart sing. The only thing that would make it better is if they are monogrammed. Add in some homemade hot cocoa and you’ll be their favorite person!

Make them a wonderful yet simple dinner. A homemade kettle of soup and biscuits may be perfect, or perhaps a simple meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and peas. They love rustic foods and by providing that you are not only feeding their body, you are feeding their soul. Top off the evening with a cozy night by the fire eating popcorn and you have the recipe to Capricorn’s perfect evening.

If you know of a job Capricorn has needed to have done around the house or yard, take care of it. This will warm their heart. Run errands or weed the garden. It doesn’t matter what it is… Capricorn will see the loving intent behind it. These are the things that most people don’t want to do for others.

If you must purchase something, think of something made of natural materials. Real wood furniture or a soft wool sweater can really rack up the points. Even a piece of driftwood from the beach may be perfect as long as it has some artistic qualities.

If you have the money, Capricorn certainly doesn’t mind jewelry. But don’t bother unless it is the real thing. Capricorn is not into jewelry that turn their skin green. There are plenty of other options if you don’t want to worry about jewelry.

Don’t bother with a surprise party. Capricorn does not like surprises. It doesn’t matter if it is a good surprise. Just don’t do it. If you’re flying in a long lost relative, tell them first. Surprises are not well accepted by Capricorn at all. Stick to what they know and you’ll be fine.

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Sagittarius Gift Ideas

The Sagittarius in your life loves adventure and travel. They want to be free, not tied down by monotony and drudgery. They also have a keen sense of humor. They are optimistic and love to keep learning. They do place a degree of importance on gift giving… this is a solemn occasion that warrants their full attention.

When choosing a gift for Sagittarius, don’t forget their personality. They love to stay active, both mentally and physically. Your Sagittarius may be somewhat accident prone… keep this in mind when choosing their gift. They love to socialize, especially at parties. Sports are a great way for them to spend time, either playing them or watching them. This opens up a wide range of gift giving possibilities for you.

When choosing a Sagittarius gift, think exotic. They love to travel, so anything about exotic places or from exotic places are great. Anything that encourages them to be active is also a surefire hit. Think chic. Appeal to their inner intellect.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Sagittarius will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Sagittarius. If you have the money to spend, book your Sagittarius on a group tour somewhere. Choose a locale that is exotic and different from where they live. Hawaii, Florida, Europe, Asia, you choose. Your Sagittarius will have a blast. If that is not in your budget, try a book about one of their favorite exotic places. Make sure the book includes maps and colorful photos. Barring that, go to an import store and pick out something that looks exotic. Maybe one of those monkeys carved from a coconut would be just right!

Since Sagittarius loves to learn, books of any type are wonderful. Make sure they are beautiful as well as thought provoking. They love to keep up with their favorite topics and learn new things. A new or continued subscription to a journal or magazine may also be suitable. For that matter, if your Sagittarius is on the go a lot, think about books on tape, or even a lecture series on tape or DVD. Cookbooks from other countries are also a perfect gift… that way even if they can’t visit the land they wish to, they can try the cuisine in their own kitchen.

Since Sagittarius can be a bit accident prone, it may not be amiss to give them a first aid kit they can pack along with them on their adventures. Make sure it contains enough supplies to fix a wide variety of accidents. They will love your thoughtfulness and caring.

Sagittarius likes the unusual. Tickets to an art show, a performance or concert may be the perfect gift. Since they also love sports, tickets to see their favorite team will delight them. Alternatively, you could take them on your own private adventure… maybe a canoe ride and then a picnic in a lovely spot. They like cuddling almost as much as sports.

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Scorpio Gift Ideas

The Scorpio in your life likes receiving gifts so much they sometimes get them for themselves. This doesn’t get you off the hook, though. Their favorite type of gift is given without a reason. Wrap it well… they enjoy the mystery of what is hidden inside. They will often wait to open gifts until they are alone so they can relish the experience on their own.

When choosing a gift for Scorpio, don’t forget their personality. Scorpio loves things that are dark and mysterious. They enjoy a good puzzle that needs to be solved. They are seductive by nature, so they enjoy anything sexy. Scorpio’s element is water, so they may be attracted to things dealing with water. They like dark, rich colors like maroon, garnet and black.

When choosing a Scorpio gift, try to think of ways to make it intriguing. They will not appreciate something bright and sunny. They want to be secretive and alluring. If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Scorpio will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Scorpio.

Scorpio loves to appear mysterious. Sunglasses, a large hat or a filmy scarf can let them lurk about and make people wonder about them. Make sure any item is in a dark, moody color… no bright primary colors here! Why not throw in a dark trench coat while you’re at it?

They love thrillers and crime stories. Get them some best sellers or even a classic whodunit. If they like movies, get them some dark spooky movies to enjoy. They will love to hunker down at home and delve into anything with a darker theme. Scorpio loves to learn about all subjects, especially mysterious or obscure ones. Books and movies on obscure or metaphysical subjects may also be a hit. Find them local ghost stories or get them started at ghost hunting by supplying them with a tape recorder and a trip to the local cemetery.

Speaking of the metaphysical, Scorpio enjoys these topics. Get them something esoteric and interesting… perhaps a tarot deck with darker imagery or a crystal ball. These items invoke mystery and Scorpio will want to start trying to solve them immediately. They may also enjoy learning about the secrets of medicinal herbs or other ancient practices, especially if they have some mystery attached to them.

Since Scorpio is known for their sexual drive, intimate apparel is not amiss. Make sure it is something very special and alluring. Other gifts that fall into the erotic subject may not be inappropriate either, depending on your Scorpio.

Scorpio likes to look their best and will never turn down a nice piece of clothing. Make sure the colors are right… no bright yellows or greens here. In a pinch, they are also happy to take cash and go shopping for themselves. That way no one will know what they choose but themselves… they will have the ultimate secret gift!

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Libra Gift Ideas

The Libra in your life loves to get gifts, in fact, the more gifts the better. Don’t wrap them together though… each one should be wrapped individually so Libra can enjoy the heady experience and stay focused on you, the gift giver. Wrap the gifts elegantly and they will be appreciated all the more. The actual act of opening the gifts is part of the attraction for Libra.

When choosing a gift for Libra, don’t forget their personality. They tend to love beauty and comfort. They spend their lives seeking peace and harmony. They want to find the perfect balance in life so they can beat the stress of everyday life. Their element is air, so remember they are creatures of intellect and imagination. They have a bit of mystery to them. Think of them as the embodiment of the opal, one of the stones of Libra. It is full of layers of color that sparkle or hide depending on which side of them you see.

When choosing a Libra gift, don’t think of plain, stark lines. Choose gifts with interesting curves and textures to give them beauty and interest. Libra is not the one to live in an ultramodern home filled with stainless steel and glass. Natural materials appeal more to this elegant person.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Libra will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Libra.

Something to decorate their home is always a good choice for Libra. Choose a pair of elegant candlesticks or matching picture frames. They seek balance in everything, so making sure you choose something that goes well as a pair is gratefully accepted. Knickknacks, art, and anything that helps create a peaceful home will be appreciated. Libra loves fine foods. A night out at an exclusive restaurant would make them the star of the evening. Gourmet goodies to enjoy at home are also a fine treat. Find out if they love gourmet coffees, or perhaps wine is one of their passions. There are many ways to fill their larder with delicious treats.

Music is food to the Libran soul. You can’t go wrong with a collection of their favorite tunes. Concert tickets (get two, because they don’t like to go alone) are also a wonderful gift.

Libra will often place themselves last when it comes to caring. They spend a good portion of their time focused on others. Give Libra some special time where they are the focal point. Spend the day doing things that they enjoy, or give them a day to be pampered with a massage. They will appreciate being put first and will feel rejuvenated by the end.

Libra loves to socialize, but they appreciate a quiet, intimate time too. Cook your Libra a special dinner with candlelight and flowers. Spend time with them. Give them something that reminds them of you whenever they look at it. This may be as simple as a plush toy that goes along with a treasured nickname.

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Virgo Gift Ideas

The Virgo in your life is a practical soul. While many will overlook Virgo when it comes to gifts, they appreciate a good gift just like anyone. When choosing a gift for Virgo, however be sure you put some thought into it. This is not the person to give a gift that you just picked at random in the corner store.

When choosing a gift for Virgo, don’t forget their personality. They are organized in every aspect of their lives. They like to take good care of their health and their appearance. They work hard and consider themselves to be serving others in everything they do. They like to analyze everything that happens. Their element is earth, so they keep their feet on the ground.

When choosing a Virgo gift, it is definitely the thought that counts. Don’t choose something at random… take notes if you must. Do you know the color scheme in their kitchen? What type of organization systems they use? What they like to read? What their favorite colors are? You’d better know these things and keep them in mind when choosing your next Virgo gift.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Virgo will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Virgo. A practical appliance or tool is always a good choice for Virgo. Make sure it fits the décor of the kitchen or other room that it will live in. If they like to cook, a mixer, coffee pot or bread machine may prove to be just the item they needed. A power drill or a new hammer may be perfect for your Virgo handyman. Really think about your gift. Are there any accessories that they need to work? Include the batteries if they are needed or filters if you get a coffee pot.

Practicality spreads into all aspects of Virgo’s life. They are as happy with a vacuum cleaner as they are with a new set of kitchen sponges and other cleaning tools. They like their life to be orderly and neat.

Something homemade is the perfect gift for Virgo. They love that you put so much thought into a gift just for them. They appreciate all the time and effort that went into the planning and making of the gift.

Books are excellent gifts for Virgo. Make sure they are about something they enjoy. If they like mysteries, stick with the genre. If they like how to books, find one on a topic they want to learn about like plumbing or knitting. If you are not sure what they like but still want to get them a book, stick with non-fiction. You can’t go wrong with a good cookbook or other do-it-yourself book.

Anything that keeps them organized is an excellent gift. A briefcase for a Virgo who works in an office is excellent. Removable shelves for their kitchen or garage that helps them organize their dishes or tools will be much appreciated.

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Leo Gift Ideas

The Leo in your life loves the ceremony of receiving gifts. In fact, the more elaborate you can make the presentation, the better. If you’re proposing, make sure you are in a crowded restaurant or that you’ll both be on the big screen at the stadium. As long as they are the center of attention, they’re happy.

When choosing a gift for Leo, don’t forget their personality. They love to relax and luxuriate in comfort. They want bright colors that reflect their zest for life. They consider themselves connoisseurs of art and fine jewelry. They are quite dramatic and love to have their fans follow them around. Their appearance is important to them because they like to make an impression wherever they go.

When choosing a Leo gift, think bling. Jewelry is always a hit as long as it is gold and ostentatious. Their element is fire, so any fiery gemstone like ruby, diamond or topaz will do. Adorn the jewelry with their name, engraved somewhere that can’t be missed.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Leo will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Leo.

Flamboyant clothing that will garner them attention is welcome. Choose vibrant colors like red, orange, or gold. They want to shine! Anything from evening wear to a neck scarf is pleasing, as long as it is dramatic and sexy.

Play to their sense of drama with tickets to their favorite form of entertainment. A night at the theatre or at the movies may hit the spot. Lingerie may also play into their dramatic nature… just make sure it is something wild.

Personal accessories can be a great choice. Choose something to adorn their hair or personal grooming items they have been eyeing. A gift certificate for a luxurious massage, day at the spa or a manicure may also please them greatly. They love being pampered and cared for.

Fine foods appeal to Leo. Give them a bottle of fine champagne, a box of gourmet chocolates or a selection of gourmet cheeses that they can enjoy. If you want to make a real impression, order one of those mail order lobsters to arrive just in time for the celebration. Remember, they appreciate getting the very best! When they want the best, remember that this doesn’t always mean in terms of what money can buy. Depending on their interests, this could be their favorite comic book, their favorite beer or their favorite dog accessory.

If all else fails, think music. A CD of their favorite band or tickets to a concert may make their day… especially if they get to take you along. To make anything stand out as a great gift for Leo, remember to make that presentation special. Many times as long as the presentation is suitably ceremonial, Leo will be happy with almost anything. They love the pomp and circumstance as much as their gift. They just don’t do subtle.

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Cancer Gift Ideas

The Cancer in your life they will appreciate not only the gift, but how it is presented. They are very gracious recipients, but they are also sticklers for etiquette. Prepare a little something to say that is heartfelt and sincere. If you really want to impress them, make your speech, then present your primary gift. After that, give them flowers and then something to add to the table of refreshments. This seems like a lot, but Cancer will really appreciate the effort you went to on their behalf. 

When choosing a gift for Cancer, don’t forget their personality. They are impeccable housekeepers. They love to be domestic and care for their loved ones. They love to feel pampered and cared for. They are sentimental about family and their history.

When choosing a Cancer gift, they will be most appreciative of a gift you made yourself. Whether it is a quilt, a sweater or a birdhouse, choosing to spend the time making it yourself will really touch Cancer’s heart. To them, this shows just how much you care about them and their feelings. Taking the time to make something will create a gift they will treasure forever.If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Cancer will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Cancer.

A sentimental photograph of the kids, a pet or a restored photo of a relative will be a wonderful gift. Frame it up nicely in something that matches other things in their house and they will be doubly pleased. Cancer’s house means everything to them, so remembering their décor makes them very happy. Putting together a scrapbook of a special event they participated in would be a very special gift.

Housewares of any kind are appropriate gifts for Cancer. They love to keep their house comfortable and nice. An extra throw for the sofa or a new photo album would be nice. New towels or a vacuum cleaner would be equally welcome.

Cancer loves to cook. New dishes or a set of pots and pans would set their heart aflutter. Adding a piece to their china or crystal pattern would please them beyond measure. New cookbooks or special ingredients that you know they love will get their ideas flowing for more delicious meals to flow from their kitchen.

Since Cancer loves to be pampered, a nice set of bath salts accompanied by a plush bathrobe would be nice. You could give them a gift certificate to the spa for a day of luxurious coddling. They will return feeling wonderfully refreshed. Another idea would be to whisk them away to a fine restaurant or for a gourmet picnic in a special place.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so silver is special to them. Silver jewelry, sterling silverware or a silver tea service would make you their favorite person for life. A moonstone would complement the jewelry nicely. Wrap it all up in a special package and Cancer will be very pleased.

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Gemini Gift Ideas

The Gemini in your life will be easy to purchase gifts for… they love almost anything! Gemini loves to learn new things. They also love to stay in communication with their friends and loved ones. Accepting a gift means they get to spend some time with the giver. A visit is as good of a gift for Gemini as something wrapped up pretty. 

When choosing a gift for Gemini, don’t forget their personality. They want to be able to keep track of everything they learn. They like to be organized and know where to look when they want to get a hold of someone they haven’t talked to in six months. Nice wrapping isn’t that important to them. If you are buying a basket of goodies, wrap them all individually so they are all different. They love this. Their natural curiosity makes them want to know what is inside each one.

When choosing a Gemini gift, think about all the things they have expressed an interest in. Before you know it you’ll have several different gift ideas to choose from. If you can’t decide, gift certificates work especially well for Gemini so they can choose their own.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Gemini will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Gemini.

Since Gemini is a great communicator, cell phones, extra minutes on their phone plan and gadgets to make it easier to communicate on their computers are excellent ideas. Extra hard drives, software, a web cam or a PDA will be greeted with enthusiasm. Gemini rules the mind, so anything that stimulates their intellect is most welcome. The videogames that feature brain teasers would most likely be enjoyed very much. Gemini loves to read. They love books. A subscription to one of their favorite magazines would be a welcome gift. For the Gemini who has everything, one of those electronic book readers would make a nice gadget to use when reading. If your Gemini travels a lot, one of those eBook readers can be wonderful as they can bring along several books and add hardly any weight to their luggage.

Speaking of traveling, Gemini loves to travel. Travel accessories are a great gift. Guide books, maps or maybe a new camera to capture their travels on would all please them greatly. A weekend getaway would also be a welcome gift for this adventurer. Foreign language lessons on tape or CD would benefit them, and they would add to their vast store of knowledge at the same time.

Writing tools like pens, pencils, pads of paper, a journal, stationery or a laptop computer would keep your Gemini busy recording their experiences and sharing them with others. Maybe they’ll turn out to be a great writer some day and you will have been instrumental on getting them started.

Gemini is rather forgetful. Anything that helps them organize their day or their appointments would be of immense help. Day planners or apps for their cell phone that help them organize would be a great choice. 

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Taurus Gift Ideas

Taurus loves luxury, sensuous fabrics and practicality. They can appreciate a practical gift like no one else. They also love fine food. Whether this is in the form of a fine meal out, a specially cooked meal at home or ingredients so they can make their own is not important. The important part is that you were thinking of the Taurus in your life and spent the time to consider what would appeal to them.

When choosing a gift for Taurus, don’t forget their personality. They are fine craftsmen at whatever they do. Their practical natures want things to work smoothly every time. They love to luxuriate in comfort, fine foods and drink. They are creative and enjoy making things. Taurus also rules the throat and vocal cords. Music will always be a part of their life in one way or another.

When choosing a Taurus gift, don’t rush. Take your time. They will know if you haven’t put any thought into your gift and become very offended. Don’t waste your time at the dollar store… taking the time to bake some delicious cookies will win you far more points.

If you still can’t think of anything on your own using this advice, here are some suggestions that Taurus will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Taurus.

Comfort is the name of the game. A cozy throw for the sofa or a soft, cushy pillow make wonderful gifts for comfort-loving Taurus. Choose a plush fleece fabric or a cashmere blanket. Anything that is soft and warm will warm Taurus’ heart. A sheepskin rug in front of the fire will be the epitome of luxury. Does your Taurus collect things? Give them something that fits! Whether they collect antique salt and pepper shakers, vintage hats, art or coins, find something unique that you can give that will be suitable. Taurus will know their collectibles, so they will appreciate the effort you put into finding something they don’t have.

Food. Fine food. Send them a hamper of delicacies, or perhaps a box of fine chocolates. Even a gift certificate at their favorite eatery would make a fine gift. If money is no object, sign them up for a Wine of the Month club or send them a box of T-bone steaks. Maybe you’ll get to share in the bounty with them!

Music is always a great choice. Make sure you get them something that they enjoy. If show tunes are their thing, give them soundtracks for the latest production on Broadway. If they prefer oldies rock and roll, find them an album that they need to add to their collection. Concert tickets to their favorite group is always a perfect gift. If they perform themselves, get them some special tea to soothe their throat or other comforting gift.

Sumptuous clothing will always get a smile. A soft dressing gown or plush slippers will make them feel pampered and special. A soft cashmere sweater is a good choice, as is anything made of touchable fabrics.

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Aries Gift Ideas

The Aries in your life loves gifts. Anything exciting, colorful and fun will make Aries happy. They love surprises… this will make their day. Don’t worry about a fancy wrapping job… Aries is too impatient to appreciate it. They are focused on what’s inside, not what you did to make it pretty. Aries can be very offended if you forget to give them something on their special day… so don’t forget! 

When choosing a gift for Aries, don’t forget their personality. They tend to be impulsive and active. Athletics may be one of their interests. They can be of fiery temperament, yet they love to play. Keep these things in mind when you go shopping for an Aries gift. Aries also rules the brain, the head and face. Gifts associated with these areas will be appreciated.

When choosing an Aries gift, don’t think they’ll appreciate that practical one you had your eye on, or one of those great organizational tools to help them keep everything in its place. Boring! Aries wants something challenging and exciting. Aries loves to be first… if a new trend is starting, make sure they are part of it!

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Aries will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Aries.

Jewelry is always an appropriate gift. The bigger and more glamorous the better. Don’t waste your time on cute little trinkets, go for the gemstones every time. Earrings, watches and necklaces head the list. Make sure they are dazzling… Aries loves a bit of flash.

Tickets to a sporting event they enjoy will make them happy. Likewise, gear for a sport they participate in is a good choice, as are clothing or hats emblazoned with their favorite teams.

Aries likes to stay active and learn new things. Find out what has been intriguing them lately and get them a how-to book on the subject, preferably with some materials to start their newest project. For example, if your Aries has been longing to knit, buy them a great instructional book with lots of diagrams and pictures as well as a pair of needles and some nice yarn.

Electronics of all types fascinate Aries. The newest gadget is sure to be a hit. Whether it is an iPhone, the latest videogame console or a GPS unit to keep in the car, Aries will love them all.

The kitchen is a great place for Aries. They love to cook. They also have a bit of a fascination with fire and sharp implements. A new set of knives may be just perfect, or a new barbecue. Failing that, a book on grilling may inspire them to create wondrous meals on the grill they already have. If you’re lucky, you may get to be the guinea pig for many new recipes that will have to be tried. Shiny stainless steel pots and pans are another terrific gift idea for Aries.

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