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mossycat submitted:

Guess my face! :3

Calli says Libra or Virgo. 
Draconic, our guest guesser, guesses Scorpio.


Guess my face! :3

Calli says Libra or Virgo. 

Draconic, our guest guesser, guesses Scorpio.

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(GMS #12) BLUGH! Calli hit the head on the nail— I’m an Aires! :D

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GMS Responses


I am an Aries.


catstylist said: 

aquarius :0)


sleep-sugar-and-sexualinnuendos said

libra was right!


lachymose said:

I’m a Pisces!
I’m the GMS 14, and I’m a Pisces. :) I do have a little Capricorn and Libra, plus A LOT of water signs (mainly Pisces).


livetofightanotherdaymate said:

Scorpio ;D October 28th


grassychubbzilla said:

GMS #20

Actually, I’m a Taurus with equally strong Aquarius influences :3

I guess my description sucked xD


GMS #18: Good guesses~ I’m a Taurus! :3

retrograde-tyrant said

Taurus! I do have a Virgo moon though. Sun and venus in the 8th, pluto involved in a lot of messy aspects. Not really anything Capricorn though.

That’s it for tonight, guys! 
I gotta go to bed. :3

That’s it for tonight, guys! 

I gotta go to bed. :3


GMS #22

Olive submitted:


I like talking to people, but most people just don’t hit it off with me. I’m emotionally stable, but I do feel sad. I rarely get angry, just annoyed at people. Being away from people is fine for me. I easily get bored of things. At school,  I spend my time working hard. I do speak out against people that offend me or violate my moral code. Most people think I’m silly and too weird to talk to, but my friends see through that.

Calli thinks Libra or Gemini.

Draconic says Scorpio or Aries.

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GMS #21


I am a control freak.
I am very suspicious and constantly try to analyze everything.
I am very critical of other people (and myself) but I know how to keep quiet to avoid unneeded drama (haha I learned with time).
Either I don’t care about something at all or I am obsessed.
I tend to come off way too serious and intense, and have a hard time being around and getting along with people.
I love music ALOT.
I am very stubborn, but have a hard time following plans, especially if they’re not my own.
I am a perfectionist, and always have to be on top and one step before everyone else. (Ugh, that is tough!)
I constantly struggle between extremes, in pretty much all aspects of my life.
I am very imaginative.

Calli thinks Virgo or Capricorn.

Draconic says Capricorn or Scorpio.

  #retrograde-tyrant    #gms    #submission  

GMS #20


I am never not listening to music. I remember everything, literally. So don’t lie to me, because I will whip out the truth and stick out the argument as long as I need. It takes awhile to pin me, but when you do, I get attached hard. I have a magnetic personality, and I have the tendency to accidentally flirt. Most likely, if you chase me I will run. I think emotions are icky because I have the hardest time explaining them. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, I’ll give you a 100 reasons why I’m right - with a smile. I care about people in a way that others might label “overbearing” but I really just want the best. I’m extremely liberal - I really don’t judge people unless they give me a reason to. & last, apparently I’m hilarious as I’m told this often.

Lay it on me >:)

Calli says you are definitely Gemini or Scorpio.

Draconic agrees.

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GMS #19


- I don’t like to be on people’s bad sides, even when I believe they’re wrong and I tend to put my strong suggestions through personal positive chats.

- I need alone time and can seem really recluse, but I light up like a candle when around people and people swarm to me like moths.

- While I seem indecisive at times, there is always a plan formulating in the back of my mind ready to be put into action.

- I will cover up my feelings, to myself and to others because they get in the way of things.

Calli thinks Pisces or Libra.

Draconic says Aquarius or Capricorn.

  #runkitten    #gms    #submission  

GMS #18



- art and music lover (and maker!)

- passive, I tend to avoid fighting and if dragged into a fight I’ll try my hardest to get out of it as fast as possible

- relaxed, laid-back, I like to loaf around too much

- been told by others I am blunt and I don’t like it when people beat around the bush or small talk with me

- been told by others I have a ‘sturdy’ way of holding myself (which makes me seem older than I am) and have a hard look in my eyes

- introvert, but I enjoy being with people who have the same interests and don’t mind making new friends

- if I’m not interested in something or someone, you will know because I won’t even make an effort

Calli thinks Taurus or Capricorn.

Draconic agrees.

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GMS #17


I like to be alone, but I also like people to like me. I dislike people who never take anything seriously. I’m an aspiring doctor. I stress out a lot, and I’m terrible at relationships. I’m organized when I want to be. I’m not easily manipulated. I have a strong and healthy mindset.

Draconic thinks Gemini or Sagittarius.

Calli thinks Virgo or Capricorn. 

  #dontbeweirdman    #gms    #submission  

GMS #16


I get angry very easily
I’m dedicated 
I hate to give up or fail
I am very hotheaded
And I tend towards being very loud and hyperactive.

Draconic declares Aries or Leo.

Calli agrees.

  #novas-grimoire    #gms    #submission  

GMS #15


-I have a hot temper, but get over things quickly (unless it’s betrayal)

-My favorite colors are shades of red - or black/blue

-I can often space out or stare off into space for awhile

-I’ve been told that my eyes are “creepy” because it feels like I’m staring into their soul

-I can get passionate when I’m talking about things

-I’ve been told that I “wear a mask” to hide what’s going on underneath

-I fear nothing except loneliness

Calli says Aries or Libra.

Dracnoic guesses Aries or Virgo.

  #livetofightanotherdaymate    #gms    #submission  

GMS #14


I am a total dreamer and I space out a lot into day dreams.

I’m very creative, I love experimenting and exploring with all things in the arts like visual art and creative writing.

I would give anything for the people I love. Anything.

I’m a little meek in appearance and personality at first glance, but I have a lot of personality amongst my friends.

Calli thinks Sagittarius or Libra.

Draconic says Capricorn or Scorpio.

  #lachymose    #gms    #submission  

GMS #13

ema submitted:

I’m a writer by trade.

I love to travel and feel very connected to ancient ruins.

I have been told (by psychics, a mystic and shaman, and my grandmother) my eyes have seen great histories, and that my dreams are just memories of past iterations.

Animals are drawn to me.


Draconic thinks Aries or Cancer.

Calli says Pisces or Sagittarius.

  #ema    #gms    #submission  

GMS #12


- I’m very sensitive for some odd reason. :P

- There is always a song playing in my head no matter what.

-  I always get sucked into my daydreams to the point where it’s hard to snap back into reality. xD

- I’m very shy at first, but once you get to know me, I am VERY silly and outgoing!

- Even when things are tough, I try my best to stay optimistic. :3

Calli thinks Aries or Gemini.

Draconic declares Gemini!

  #soni-kawaii    #gms    #submission  
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