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Pisces Habits:

The Fish can be so disorganized  unsystematic and undisciplined that it can cause their minds to become all muddled up and even disoriented. They can also get hooked to alcohol, which can disrupt their family lives. The best solution for them is yoga and meditation, as it can lead to peace of mind, which is what the Pisces natives ultimately seek. This is a lucky sign, and many of them make money from inheritance or windfalls. But as they are forgetful, it is easy for them to misplace their cash. Family issues and unpaid bills are big sources of stress for them.

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Aquarius Habits:

Besides being independent to a fault, the Water Bearers can also go way out of their way to help others. While they may do all they can to help others, they refuse to take any help themselves, for the fear that they may become dependent on others. They need to realize that they are human after all, and may have to depend on others in some situations. They have the ability to earn a lot, but don’t consider it as the most important thing in life. One big cause of stress for them is traffic jams. 

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Capricorn Habits:

The Goats are workaholics, and may sacrifice a lot of personal pleasures, and even the happiness of their families, for the sake of work. This habit is rooted in their fear of poverty and dependence on others. In fact, many of them spend most of their waking hours working so that they don’t get the time to spend, and thereby can save more. They need to be more aware of their non-material blessings. They also don’t pay too much attention to their diet, which can impact their health adversely. 

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Sagittarius Habits:

The Archers don’t form habits easily. It takes a great deal of indulgence for anything to become a habit for them. Once formed, though, it can be the most difficult thing for them to get rid of. One flaw is that they can be downright brutal while telling the truth, which can really hurt people, so they need to learn more compassionate ways of conveying whatever they have to. They don’t worry too much about money matters, and can easily take to gambling. However, they can save enough if they cut down on socializing too much.

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Scorpio Habits:

Scorpios can hold a grudge forever. This unfortunate habit can distance them from the love, happiness and trust they deserve from their near and dear ones. First they need to let go of their anger and resentments, then learn to love themselves, and only then will forgiveness enter their hearts. They can do all of it with the extraordinary will-power they have. Many of them, however, end up complaining that their partners are their greatest source of stress.

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Libra Habits:

The Scales love to have the best of everything, and will blow up their last penny to get them. They may be able to manage their ‘shopoholic’ tendencies as long as the going is good, but on the rainy day they could be left high and dry – and with no one to bail them out. They need to learn moderation and to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. And besides, some of them, even when they are saving enough, can go on complaining about not earning enough. 

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Virgo Habits:

The Virgos can make an obsession out of their need to keep themselves and their surroundings neat, clean and organised. This habit is actually rooted in a fear of filth. What they need to understand is that it is more important to feel good than to look good. Occasionally, they need to indulge in messy activities just to realise the fun element in them. One good habit they have is that they can live comfortably on a tight budget, and in order to save more, many of them can even give up smoking. 

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Leo Habits

The lavish Lions, despite all their obvious talents, can be incorrigible braggarts. It is understandable that a person endowed with creativity, charm and wit should feel like showing off once in a while, but they can carry it too far, which may cause resentment among peers. They can balance this by seeing the positive side of others and praising them. When it comes to money, ironically, they can go overboard with spending, but detest taking debts. However, most of them manage to strike a fine balance.

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Cancer Habits

One weakness of the Crabs is getting into a rut, and it’s very hard for them to get out of it. Another is their sweet tooth. They tend to over-indulge in sweets, ice-cream and desserts, which can have an adverse effect on their waist-lines, besides the danger of contracting diabetes. Chewing on sugar-free gum or dried fruit can be a safe way out. As for money habits, they can be obsessive about saving for the rainy day. They make it a point to budget their expenses in a manner that provides for maximum savings.

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Gemini Habits

The hyperactive Twins can sometimes develop this tendency to continuously bite their nails. This can make them seem to be extremely self-conscious and even anxious. Activities which keep their fingers busy like knitting or hitting the keyboard can help. Getting periodic manicures done can also help them overcome this habit. They hardly spend any time sorting out their finances, and then complain that they get stressed if they can’t pay their bills on time. 

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Taurus Habits

The Bulls have this bad habit of surrounding themselves with clutter, and are too lazy to keep everything organised. Having all their possessions within hand’s reach somehow gives them a sense of security; however, it also causes confusion and chaos. Give them open shelves, handy storage facilities, and they’ll be OK. Though the Taurus people tend to save a lot of their earnings, one of their major causes of stress is lack of liquidity.

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Aries Habits

The Rams love to take center stage, and if need be, they will push and shove their way to the front. Though this habit can help them progress quickly in the short-term, in the long-term it can compromise their relationships with people who matter. Putting them in a responsible position can help diminish this selfishness. Regarding money, they are prone to spending more than to saving, and rarely devote time to organizing their finances.

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