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This is Malcolm. He likes to hang out with Hunter. :3

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Meet the Bloggers: Hunter

I have a Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Leo, and Capricorn Ascendant. 

I’m rather new to the astrological world. I know the most about Capricorns, and run a blog all about the Sea Goat. I do have a pretty good grasp on some of the other signs, and the basics of natal chart interpretations, but I’m still learning. I am a expert on Capricorns, though.

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At work today

Tech rep: I was about to say be careful but then I realized it's you guys.
Supervisor: Look what I have to work with.
Libra: -looks over quickly and exclaims- WHAT?!?
Sagittarius: -smiles and waves in a goofy manner-
Capricorn: -raises eyebrow-
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For contest winner thewatersigncancer.

For contest winner thewatersigncancer.


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Hunter post a pic of you?



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Hunter how old ar you?




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10 Facts about Hunter

  1. I am happily married.
  2. I am into photography.
  3. I am secretive. 
  4. I have two cats, one named Castiel, and the other named Tiger Cat.
  5. Castiel lives with me, Tiger Cat lives with my father.
  6. I like expensive, high quality things.
  7. I have been deployed to Afghanistan.
  8. I have two tattoos.
  9. I enjoy Hentai (it fills most of my dash)
  10. I play Pokemon because I will forever love that game.
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Looking for a blog aaaalll about Capricorns? Well, it just so happens that Hunter, one of the members here at AstralTwelve, runs a Capricorn Blog! 

He’s a Capricorn himself, and loves to answer questions. :3

Go give it a visit, yes? :D


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Hey, I’m Hunter.

Sun: Capricorn

Moon: Leo

Asc.: Capricorn

I’m rather new to the astrological world, so I’m sure you will get answers from the others before me but I wanted to introduce myself in case the occasion arises that I do voice my opinion.  


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