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Secret Pisces.

Anyone who has strong Piscean influences is a person who has perhaps the most extreme choices of any zodiac sign. Pisces can accept the challenges of life and rise to the top, or can give in to the easy way of oblivion and sink to the bottom. This choice is symbolized by the two fishes.

To help him or her swim to the top, the Pisces must find peace through beauty, music, and harmony.

The Pisces needs work which will enable him or her to achieve this. More than any other sign, Pisces has many talents which may be used to develop their character. Many work hard to improve the lot of humanity. Others bring their talents to film and entertainment, enlivening the lives of thousands.

Pisces needs to turn his/her private, mystical dream world of love and compassion into a reality. The only other option for a Pisces is a life of illusion and, ultimately, a sense of failure.

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Secret Aquarius.

Inside anyone who has strong Aquarian influences is a person who is extremely uncertain of his or her true identity. The Aquarius ego is said to be the most precarious in the zodiac, probably because Aquarius is the sign of nonconformity. Intellectual genius, practical eccentricity and mental oddity are all linked with Aquarius.

The typical Aquarius personality has a magnetic and powerful intellect. Putting this to good, practical use is the best way for Aquarius to build an identifiable ego.

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Secret Capricorn.

Inside anyone who has strong Capricornean influences is a person who worries about security — physical, social, and emotional. A typical Capricorn cannot bear to be embarrassed in public. Sometimes, Capricorn longs to let go a little and to allow themselves to join in on the fun — let their toes tap in time with the music. But usually a sense of duty and a terrible fear of looking foolish stop them from acting out their desires. Capricorns are also secret romantics who want a perfect and secure love in their lives.

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Secret Sagittarius.

Inside anyone who has strong Sagittarian influences is a person who wants to be free. Possessive partners, conservative thinkers, and bureaucrats with whom Sagittarius comes into contact should be aware of this.

No matter who or what the cause, the Sagittarian who is held back in life, in love, or in opportunity for spiritual growth will be unhappy, even though he or she will keep smiling through all adversities.

Like the centaur, one of the Sagittarian symbols, the Sagittarian personality exercises conflict between mind and body. The Sagittarian purpose is to overcome this conflict so that they may guide others.

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Secret Scorpio.

Inside anyone who has strong Scorpionic influences is a person who is intractable and impenetratable, so the secret Scorpio usually remains a secret. All Scorpios like to keep their true nature as hidden as possible. Astrologically, a Scorpio is said to be at one or other of three stages of evolution.

A “stage one” Scorpio exercises power through emotion and instinct. This Scorpio is symbolized by the scorpion, an insect more likely, in the end, to sting itself than others.

The “stage two” exercises power through the intellect. This Scorpio is symbolized by the golden eagle — a bird that soars higher than any other.

At the final stage of evolution, Scorpio exercises power through love. This Scorpio is symbolized by the dove of peace.

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Secret Libra.

Inside anyone who has strong Libran influences is a person who is terrified of being alone. The fear is usually well controlled so the typical Libra always looks calm, collected, and in charge of any situation.

Good-natured and loving, Libras can also be petulant, and even objectionable, when asked to take orders. Similarly, they are extremely intelligent, yet sometimes gullible; they enjoy talking to people, yet can also be very attentive listeners.

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Secret Virgo.

Inside anyone who has strong Virgo influences is a person who worries too much about every personal imperfection and is never satisfied with his or her own standards. Virgo may appear to know it all and be a compulsive worker; both these behaviors hide a deep fear that he or she cannot be good enough for, say, the job or the partner.

Virgos crave the opportunity to serve others and take charge of many apparently mundane matters that, collectively, are the bedrock of success.

One of the least expected aspects of a Virgo personality is a strong, almost volcanic sexuality that can lie hidden and dormant for years until the right partner comes along.

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Secret Leo.

Inside anyone who has strong Leo influences is a person who wants to be on top. Potential competitors should remember this. Leo is not interested in winning, but in being king or queen of a particular castle.

Privately, the typical Leo craves love more than anyone would ever guess. Love, adoration, appreciation, recognition: these are what keep Leo’s generous, fun-loving nature burning brightly. While typical Leos may appear to be confident, especially when they take center stage in the limelight, they have secret doubts about their true worth and may seriously undervalue themselves.

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Secret Cancer.

Inside anyone who has strong Cancerian influences is a person who was very shy when young and who still tends to use a hard outer shell in defense against what are perceived as hurts from other people.

The most vulnerable part of the Cancerian personality is an inner fear of nameless dangers that often reduce a wonderful dream to a pessimistic worry. The fear is becoming lost in the dark of outer space. This indefinable fear of insecurity is often what drives the typical Cancerian personality to invest much time and effort in activities which will enhance a feeling of security and self-preservation.

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Secret Gemini.

Inside anyone who has strong Gemini influences is a person who secretly longs to find his or her true soulmate, the mysterious twin who will make the Gemini feel complete. The more self-aware Geminis will realize in maturity that the wholeness they seek is to be found within, by gathering together their many parts, especially the earthy twin with the spiritual twin.

Few people listening to a confident Gemini talk with that quicksilver, pucklike charm would ever imagine that the inner Gemini is often feeling desperately alone and lost.

Communication is a lifeline to Gemini. Contact through words, ideas, gossip, or philosophy makes Gemini a happy, inspiring, and devoted person.

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Secret Taurus.

Inside anyone who has strong Taurus influences is a person who takes the long-term and proceeds slowly but surely, because Taurus is only interested in the very best of everything. Taurus’s view is that the best is worth waiting for.

Taurus loves to luxuriate in sensual delights and desires secure material prosperity. The two secret fears of Taurus are of being disturbed or of being left wanting. Taurus will wait for anything, even to get angry. When Taureans do eventually have to express anger, it can be devastating and is so disturbing to themselves that it takes a while for them to recover both their composure and their self-esteem.

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Secret Aries.

Inside anyone who has strong Aries influences is a person who thinks that he or she is more interesting than others and better than those with whom they are in competition.

It is patently obvious to all that Aries is interested in winning, whoever or whatever the challenge.

A fight, a race, a bit of physical or verbal sparring, or an opportunity to do things in new ways are what keep the Aries’ fires burning bright. Aries has to be number one in every respect. The secret fear of a typical Aries is that he or she won’t be liked or valued, even though a winner. However, failure is never a problem because Aries doesn’t know the word… every outcome is seen as a part of the winning process, which is why warnings of impending disasters are usually ignored.

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