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I queued:

Anything else you think I should include?

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AstralTwelve is on Vacation!

We’ll be back on March 10th. <3

What would you like to see when we get back? :D

(it’d be added it to the end of this list)

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Who are you?

Tell me, my lovely Starlings, who are you? 

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Why do you visit astraltwelve.tumblr.com?

What do you do during your time here? Are there specific things you’re looking for?

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When’s your birthday?

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What do you love about Astrology?

I love how there’s sooooo much to it (especially Traditional Astrology), so I always have more to learn about. :3

That, and the way everything flows together and synchronizes so well. It’s amazing~

What about you?

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What do you want to learn about?

What should I add to my to-do list?

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Okay, so~

I don’t know if any of you recall, but I’ve working on an Astrology book for a while.

And it’s pretty neat, because while working on my “intro to astrology videos" I can also work on my book~

But yeah, here’s what I have planned:

Read More

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Do you have any suggestions for Christmas-themed posts?

I have lots of stuff queued, but i’m interested in what our Starlings would like to see, too~!

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Cool thing:

A couple of my coworkers asked me to teach them Astrology (they, and several others, want me to write reports for them, too, lol).

I think I’ll jot down what I do with them and post it on here

as a sort of “Astrology 101” thing


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In relation to the recent posts;

If you could re-write the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Holy Virtues to suit your own belief system, what would you choose to be virtuous and what would you choose to be sins?

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Happy Thanksgiving, Starlings!

Hunter and I are cooking our first thanksgiving feast. :D how are you celebrating today?

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Why do you follow AstralTwelve?

What are your favorite posts? Which do you usually skip over?

Message me to tell me your thoughts!

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I think I’m going to do something called “Intoxicated Astrology,” wherein I will drink alcohol and record myself talking about various Astrological Topics.

I’m probably going to do one tonight about the common misconceptions about the signs and what’s really true.


Okay, so here’s what I’m thinking to “debunk” about each sign:

Aries - egoistic, overly arrogant
Taurus - obsessed with food, boring
Gemini - two-faced, shallow
Cancer - cry baby, can’t be alone
Leo - needs constant attention, overly egotistical
Virgo - obsessed with cleaning, socially awkward
Libra - vain, can’t make decisions
Scorpio - promiscuous, overly secretive
Sagittarius - can’t commit to anything, indifferent to others emotions
Capricorn - boring, only care about work, apathetic
Aquarius - pompous, overly rebellious
Pisces - emotionally weak, push-over

Anything else you’d like me discuss and/or debunk?

(Reply, Reblog, or Message me your thoughts)

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