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Gemini Children

Gemini children are curious and these children are the ones to ask “why is the sky blue?”, and they are always ready with a new question for every answer you can provide. It is no doubt a challenge to constantly feed the insatiable curious mind of Gemini children, but you certainly don’t want to squash the curious nature of this child.

Due to the fact that these children have a deep desire to learn about everything, it can seem that they jump from one topic to another, and never seem to finish one thing.

The day that they learn how wonderful and powerful words can be, they use them to their full advantage, even into adulthood.

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Pisces Children

They are attentive when in the presence of younger children, keeping a watchful eye over them to make sure they are happy and safe.

Children born between February 19th and March 20th are loving and kind to everyone, and have been known to become physically ill when surrounded by negative or harsh words. They see the good in everyone and never would want to hurt anyone’s feelings. For example: they may tell you that your current dress purchase looks great, even if it doesn’t, just so not to hurt your feelings or make you feel bad. They should be taught to express the truth with kind words, instead of saying something that isn’t true.

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Aquarius Children

Keep these children active and busy with various activities, such as art, dance lessons, sports and practicing a musical instrument.

Although these unique individuals crave independence and do not keep a very structured lifestyle, it is baffling to find some kind of routine patterns in their world. Such as doing everything at the exact same time every morning; they need this structure to be able to enter a new day and all the unknown adventures that await them.

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Capricorn Children

These children are not considered to be “jocks” in the sports world; in fact they would much prefer and enjoy reading a good book.

They also love to make things, so consider building blocks or anything that will allow their creativity to shine through, to keep them happy and content.

One of the great things about young Capricorns is that they have an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong, which makes parenting a much easier job. The trick here is to not constantly tell them the rules, as they may feel that you are looking down on them and their intelligence. They only need to be told the rules and regulations once, and they won’t forget them. Now, if your ultimate goal is to have this wonderful child follow the rules, you need to explain to them why they exist. If they make a decision to intentionally break the rules that have been laid out, they either have a valid reason for doing so or they just don’t think that a particular restriction applies to them.

Capricorn children usually have an inner battle going on, between logically thinking and loyalty. Most of the time, these sensitive and loving children will choose loyalty over the logic mind.

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Sagittarius Children

These children are active and adventurous, but can also be clumsy by bumping into walls and tripping over air. They may receive more bumps and bruises than the average child.

Although sociable and loves the company of people, those born between November 22 and December 21 are very content in the company of their teddy bear. They are also very inquisitive, and you may find yourself coming up with an answer to “why is the sky blue”.

This Sun child is very enthusiastic and their mind is always active, and there will always be a new question on their lips. They are not detail oriented and will often forget where they have placed something. They see the “big picture” more clearly than the details.

A Sagittarius child usually does very well in school, also being involved in sports and other extra-curricular school activities. They express a lot of “team spirit”. They will choose intelligent and open-minded children to be their close friends; they have little tolerance for anyone that doesn’t think outside the box.

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Scorpio Children

They have a suspicious nature, and will be very particular about who they choose to be friends with.

The negative side of these children is their ability to become mean-spirited and vindictive.
If a Scorpio child grows up in an atmosphere of negativity and anger, you will be unleashing a manipulative, selfish and vengeful adult on the world.

Scorpios have the ability to change the world by their stamina, compassion and brilliant minds, and it begins with a child being raised in a happy and healthy home.

Main care givers of Scorpio children must understand that these are high maintenance youngsters, at least until the time that they become self-reliant.

Scorpios are complex creatures and many times they are misunderstood. They are very in tone with the spirit world, and may be plagued with disturbing nightmares; don’t make fun of them. Listen carefully, try to understand what they “see”, and try to calm their fears. They will express their feelings in a safe environment; it helps to give them time and space to get their thoughts together to be able to verbalize how they feel.

If a Scorpio child feels threatened, they will become secretive as a form of protecting themselves. They need to be shown how to deal with negative emotions in a positive and productive manner.

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Libra Children

They are not known to be bossy or nosy (a “diplomatic dictator” would be a more accurate description), but they will definitely jump into an argument, and tell everyone how they should conduct themselves to restore order and peace. If they fail in trying to bring peace to their household, a Libra child will become emotionally stressed that will lead to physical illness. These children are so sensitive when it comes to arguing that their “tummy” will hurt and they will say so; not to be manipulative, but to speak the truth. They are diplomatic, tactful, and incredibly diligent in their efforts to moderate peaceful family relationships.

These children rarely take center stage in a crowd, but they take on causes that are dear to their hearts and will fight the good fight; even at a high emotional cost. They will fight for the underdog, and will take great pleasure in seeing a situation resolved and justice served. Libras have been giving the nickname of “warriors of the heart”; they are not politically driven, they are considered to be diplomats of justice and peace.

The mind of someone, who is born between September 23 and October 22, will always be in motion. It is through conversation, sharing of ideas and their negotiating skills that the Libra child finds their place in the world. They believe that sharing thoughts means bearing ones soul to another. It is important that they feel heard and respected.

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Virgo Children

Unlike “Leos”, Virgo children are attentive and take as much pride in finishing a boring or menial task, as with the more challenging duties and chores they are given.

Although friendly; young Virgo’s are generally shy (especially in large crowds and with strangers), and approaching a potentially new friend and developing the relationship takes great effort on the part of these children, who are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. You will be blessed to have a Virgo as a friend as they are loyal and excellent listeners.

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Leo children

Due to the fact that those born between July 23 and August 22 want to be the center of attention and leaders in their circles; it is possible that they might become aggressive. It is the responsibility of the adult in charge to curb these dominating characteristics, and to teach them the importance and the value of each and every individual.

Their natural confidence can easily be turned into a child with a spoiled behavior, and can even lead to bullying. A parent/guardian must keep these children active and teach them balance.

It will not benefit a Leo child, if you ignore them one moment, and then give them tons of praise the next. First of all, they will not believe your praise if you ignore them at any time. It is best to provide praise and encouragement consistently, in lots of small doses. A raised voice is not a productive discipline technique, a Leo child responds better to a logical explanation of why something is right or wrong.

Leo children that have been raised in an atmosphere that has had the right balance of humility, love and self-esteem will grow to be respectful adults, and have a healthy perspective that happy relationships are real and possible.

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Cancer Children

For the first few months of life, they will be shy and resist anyone else except their mother. Because of their natural love of water, bath time should be a pleasant experience. Due to their shyness, they will need lots of approval and encouragement to explore outside their comfort zone.

They constantly want to please and hate to have anyone disappointed in their behavior or actions. This child is rarely considered a “follower” or a “leader”; they beat to their own drum and thrive on independence. These are the children to get a paper route or have a lemonade stand on the side walk, as they don’t want to depend on an allowance to be their source of income.

Of the zodiac signs, Cancer children are not a concern to be the most difficult to raise and/or discipline, which is good news for parents and guardians.

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Taurus Children

Taurus children are not “bullish”; in fact they are very happy youngsters and appreciate a peaceful environment. They do not adapt very easily to change, especially moving to a new house. This will be the most challenging aspect about raising a child born between April 21st and May 21st, easing them into change.

For example, when a move is necessary it is advised to bring them to the new home (a few times if possible) before moving day, so they can walk through the house and get adjusted to the idea of a new space. Making an introduction to other children in the new neighborhood will also help them make the transition easier.

Taurus children are loyal to people, places and things. They can be considered “stubborn” at times, but only when something is about to change in their world. Last minute, quick decisions are not something this child will plow their “horns” into. They need a great deal of time to evaluate the situation and consider the benefits of the proposed change.

Like any child, Taurus children can throw a temper tantrum, but they do not have a short fuse and will not “fly off the handle” at the slightest thing. The best way to deal with this type of temperament is to offer a logical solution to the problem at hand, so your Taurus child can get back to a content place in their mind.

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Aries Children

Aries children get easily frustrated (and let everyone around them know it) with themselves and others, that are unable to keep up with them physically and mentally.

Physical correction or general verbal yelling is not the way to deal with a rebellious Aries child. These children learn better by example and short periods of “time out”. They need to be taught early on about respect, and that disruptive behavior is not acceptable.

An Aries child is too busy to dream up elaborate lies or plots to deceive you. They speak honestly, and makes it known (to all that will listen) what they enjoy and dislike. Subtly is not a natural born quality for an Aries child, they are direct and to the point.

Children born under the horoscope sign of Aries are usually very affectionate, but they can (and will) toss you a quick temper tantrum that will burn red hot for a few minutes, and they will stop as quickly as they started. Due to these tantrums, that Aries kids are prone to, stand your ground, and introduce the word “no” at a very early age to deter this type of behavior.

A child born between March 21st and April 20th have been known to be picky eaters, they can easily eat the same type of food over and over again. It will be a challenge for caregivers to introduce a new food to an Aries child.

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