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The Mercurial Appearance

Body and face slender’ forehead full, nose long, lips thin; fingers slender and hands very expressive; hair dark, beard thin, complexion poor, eyes penetrating.

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Planetary classifications~

The Luminaries:

The Personal Planets:

The Social Planets:

The Generational Planets:

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Natal Mercury in Retrograde Keywords

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Mercury Keywords

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What the Mercury represents in Astrology

Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in Aries
Mercury in Taurus
Mercury in Gemini
Mercury in Cancer
Mercury in Leo
Mercury in Virgo
Mercury in Libra
Mercury in Scorpio
Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury in Capricorn
Mercury in Aquarius
Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in the Houses

Mercury in the First House
Mercury in the Second House
Mercury in the Third House
Mercury in the Fourth House
Mercury in the Fifth House
Mercury in the Sixth House
Mercury in the Seventh House
Mercury in the Eighth House
Mercury in the Ninth House
Mercury in the Tenth House
Mercury in the Eleventh House
Mercury in the Twelfth House

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Mercury in Astrology

Mercury in Astrology is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication, as well as learning. It is an opportunistic planet, one that as unemotional as it is curious. It also has a tendency towards nervousness, nit-picking, and indecision.

In modern times, we tend to “meet” people through their mercury, as first connections are often made through E-Mail, IM, texting, or other forms of textual conversations. Mercury rules how we express our thoughts - whether we are flowery, concise, or businesslike all can be found by looking at our Mercury Sign.

Examining our Mercury Sign shows us how we get our points across, how we study, how we learn, and how we process information.

Mercury also rules over coordination. Mercury sorts, analyzes, sorts, groups, and makes sense of all the thoughts, processes, ideas, and sensory information (both unconscious and conscious) we acquire daily.

The Mercury Sign is never more than 28 degrees from the sun – therefore, our Mercury Sign is always in the same sign as the Sun, or one of the neighboring Signs.

By Sign, Mercury shows our style of communication. It also sheds light on our learning style.

By House, Mercury shows were we seek to have a voice, and where we tend to intellectualize and give a lot of thought to. 

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Mercury in the Signs

The Sign Mercury falls under shows our communication style. It shows us the way we talk to others, whether it be loudly, softly, boldly, or subtlety. It also depicts how we make decisions, and how we pick up, process, absorb, and exchange information. 

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Mercury in Aries

Mercurial Aries individuals make quick decisions - so quick, that it may seem as if they aren’t thinking things over. They don’t have a lot of patience for mulling, and are often driven by the need for instant gratification.  They love to start new things, prefer new styles to outdated concepts.

These natives are quick to the point in their communications. They are usually charming communicators, with an almost innocent aura. Others tend to appreciate their utilitarian approach, and straightforwardness. Their directness may make them seem crude, and sometimes even aggressive – but that mostly happens when they encounter opposition to their ideas and opinions. These people sometimes assume others will accept their opinions smoothly, and can get frustrated when that doesn’t happen. They are usually quite personally attached to their ideas, and can be easily hurt by negative feedback or criticism. Still, they are not afraid of a mental challenge.

These individuals have a tendency towards streamlined learning, as they prefer to not get bogged down in details. They have an unmatched enthusiasm when pursuing new projects and ideas, but are prone to dumping one pursuit for another newer and more exciting one. 

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Mercury in Taurus

Mercurial Taurus individuals take their time to arrive at a decision, as they need to carefully weigh all the pros, cons, and factors involved. For this reason, they are confident that when they do reach a decision, they made the correct one.  This is why they are often so stubborn with their decisions and opinions. Some may mistake the time they take mulling over decisions as laziness, but looking a little deeper shows that Mercurial Taurus people are deep thinkers.

These natives are slow to start a new project, but see it through to the end. They rely on their senses when it comes to processing information. Sight, Scent, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Mood are all employed at all time. They learn best through demonstrations, hands-on projects, concrete answers, and basic concepts. Seeing real-world uses for the information they’re being presented. Not that they lack the ability to comprehend the abstract – they simply process information better when they can personalize it and apply it to the practical world. Taurus is a sign that naturally assess things in terms of what it can d for them, and when Mercury falls in this sign, information is process and accepted or discarded with that kind of “screening” process.”

These individuals communicate slowly, as they carefully measure every word. They are deliberate in not only what they do, but in what they say. Their communication style is generally not bubbly or scattered, which encourages others to actually listen to them and take them seriously. These people have an overall pleasing manner of communication, and often have an amusing “say it like it is” style. 

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Mercury in Gemini

Mercurial Gemini individuals appear rather scattered, but are actually very quick-witted. They have a wide variety of interests, and seem to know a little about everything. Turn to these people for lots of facts and information as well as broad knowledge. However, their learning tends to be a tad superficial, as they generally have too many interests to delve too deeply into any one in particular. Easily bored, they are fast learners when in a stimulating environment. They are impressionable, and pick up more form their environment than most, and process said information very quickly.

These natives are open-minded, but can often have a bias towards logic. These people don’t rely on intuition, nor do they often take emotions into account when making decisions. This can cause them to seem too intellectual or just logical in general. They don’t get attached to their opinions for too long, as the discovery of new facts leads them to reevaluate. However, this changeability and coolness can be frustrating to others. Their curiously and willingness to adapt to the environments around them can be redeeming endearing.

These individuals are interesting speakers; they can be rather detached, easily discarding personal issues. They are smooth talkers, with a tendency towards deception in the form of small white lies. Rarely done with cruel intentions, it’s usually done for the sake of humor or theatrics. It’s more of a mental exercise than anything. They communicate with a strong sense of fun, and can speak to people from all walks of life with ease. 

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Mercury in Cancer

Mercurial Cancers communicate with feelings, conveying a thoughtful, sensitive and withdrawn nature to the people they interact with. Because they are so aware of others’ emotions, they can be rather diplomatic in their dealings with people. If this is the only personal planet in Cancer in their chart, they may come across as more sensitive than they actually are. They can make others feel very warm and protected, usually by either the tone of their voice or the message they are giving. Sometimes, they can be rather defensive, as they have a habit of taking things personally.

These natives can be very subjective and personal, occasionally choosing to not talk at all. They can be slow to respond at times, as they are often deep thinkers – Cancer is a meditate and reflective Sign. Mercurial Cancer people are much faster at forming opinions and making decisions than they appear, but that speed isn’t always obvious because they spend so much time actually listening to others. They can appear to take time when making a decision or forming an opinion, as they often need time to be alone with themselves to explore all they’ve absorbed. They are impressionable, but usually aware of that – alone time allows them to discriminate between what’s true to themselves, and what’s influenced by others.

These individualsremember almost everything; including not only events in their childhood, but also the conversation they had with you two months ago. However, that memory can be skewed by emotions, as a lot of their memories are mostly written about the mood surrounding the moments they have stored in their memory. This is because they “feel you out” when you talk to them, and find the emotions behind words more important than the words themselves. In studies, they retain a lot of information, and learn best when they feel emotionally balanced. They prefer to approach problems in a step-by-step manner, “feeling out” an answer. This gives them the gift of rhythm and beat. They are attracted to poetry, archaic language, and the like.

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Mercury in Leo

Mercurial Leo’s speak with authority. Some come across as know-it-alls, but with time, they usually learn how to use style and finesse as they communicate. They simply want others to know about their presence of mind and know-how.

These natives easily see the “big picture,” and struggle to see the details. Very capable on an intellectual level, they have an strong desire for self-expression. Creativity is especially important to them, and they usually present themselves with a certain amount of flair (or drama). They are passionate and enthusiastic speakers, who get their messages across with a lot of zeal.

These individuals are skilled at the art of persuasion. While some try to win others over with logic, guilt, or wit – Mercurial Leo’s do it with warmth and good will. They thrive at getting their messages across and promoting ideas. They can be very attached to their opinions, taking pride in their idealistic beliefs. Depending on the overall confidence level of these individuals, they can range from stubbornness in the face of criticism to over-sensitivity when anything less than praise is present. Regardless, these people tend to be rather mentally arrogant, as Leo brings ego into the usually detached and reasonable Mercury. With intellect and ego so closely tied, it can sometimes be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Boasting may be a problem for some. Mercury in Leo does allow for magnificent story tellers, though, as they speak and write with a  lot of heart.

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Mercury in Virgo

Mercurial Virgo individuals aren’t innately flashy in their communication style, but appreciate it when their brainpower is acknowledged. They are usually quite humble, but take a lot of pride in their productivity. They also have a tendency to be impatient with others, and truly feel that the phrase “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” rings true.

These natives love to keep track of details.  They are usually skilled at organizing, short-term planning, and fulfilling errands. They pay their bills on time, enjoy learning details of a trade, and generally don’t balk at secretarial tasks. Functionality for them usually reaches its peach when they (or others) have laid out exactly what needs to be done. They can become a little high-strung when things feel out of control, so they put a lot of energy into taking care of day-to-day, practical matters. Generally, they are considered useful in their work atmosphere because they have such a strong handle on the details of the things they do.

These individuals are quick learners, but do so best in environments in which they can learn and study in an organized manner. They generally pick up on facts and figures easily, and learn their own trade well, but often have some trouble absorbing that knowledge on a deeper level. 

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