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Your Personality According to Moon Phase



New Moon

Waxing Crescent

First Quarter

Waxing Gibbous

Full Moon

Waning Gibbous

Last Quarter

Waning Crescent

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Balsamic Moon

This time is essentailly one of transition, a chance to contemplate what has passed, tie up loose ends, journey inwards, and prepare for new beginnings ahead. You have inherited the meditative and introspective characteristics of this phase and yours is a dreamy, contemplative personality. Intuitive and far-sighted, you have innate wisdom and a mystical understanding of the workings of Mother Nature and of the human condition. For you, activity is spiritual and intellectual rather than physical. Your experiences involve endings and passings, so you are likely to live through many changes. Later life, rather than the earlier years, holds the key to your happiness and success.

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Last Quarter:

Your understanding, sympathy, maturity, and poise transcend your years and so you excel in a counseling or advisory capacity. You help others to marshall their thoughts, expand their awareness, resolve their problems, and organize their lives. Some may interpret your idealism as inflexibility. Prone at times to nostalgia or melancholia, you need to put aside the past and concentrate on the future. Contentment and fulfilment will come in your later fifties.

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Disseminating Moon:

Since “to disseminate” means to scatter seeds, your impulse is to sow your ideas and knowledge so that others may learn from your experiences ~ you are a communicator and a teacher. Dedicated to your ideals, if there is a touch of the revolutionary in your nature, then it is purely and simply an urge to reform the world. In your zeal to improve other people’s lives, however, you may need to find a compromise and learn how to reconcile your own vision with the needs of others. Your early fifties should bring a sense of achievement and contentment to your life.

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Full Moon

Being born in the middle of the cycle means that your talents lie in bringing matters to fruition. You are adept at tempering logic with instinct and practicality with creativity. Moreover, this period acts like a bridge, linking you to the past, but also projecting your ideas into the future. The negative side is that you may suffer guilt and irrational fears, especially when it comes to personal relationships. Only when you learn to take control of your own feelings, rather than taking your emotional cue from your partner, will you find a way of sustaining a mutually rewarding intimate relationship. Your best efforts will find their flowering after middle age.

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Gibbous Moon:

Gibbous Moon individuals have a calming influence, a caring, constructive nature and a compulsion to help others. Your hope is that, through your life and work, you will contribute to the improvement of the world in some way. Whether consciously or unconsciously, this can become a “mission” with you ~ take care not to follow ideologies too blindly in your eagerness to accomplish your ends. Persevering in the face of obstacles will lead to maturity and will bring fulfilment and enlightenment. Look to your middle age for the recognition of your endeavors.

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First Quarter:

First Quarter people are positive and strong-willed. Physically and mentally active and expressive, you are constantly on the go, taking a healthy interest in everything that you come across. You were born with an actively questioning mind and an impulse to change the status quo. On the negative side, this can make you appear argumentative and demanding. Used constructively, however, this also enables you to come up with new solutions to old problems. Above all else you are a builder, and, if it appears you have a compulsion to tear down existing structures, it is merely because you have the ability to replace them with something that is not only more up-to-date, but is unquestionably an improvement on the past. You will produce some of your greatest endeavors in your thirties and early forties.

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First Crescent:

As a First Crescent individual, you are assertive, adventurous, and filled with joyous curiousity about life. Your creative disposition means that you have a need to expand your understanding, and it also helps you to look at problems from a fresh perspective. Because of this, you may often feel torn between the conventional approach and the desire to break new ground ~ a conflict between established and unorthodox approaches. You may also come up against restrictions to your plans and will need to find ways of overcoming these obstacles in order to achieve your aims in life. Your twenties and early thirties are likely to be especially productive and successful.

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New Moon:

If you were born during the New Moon phase, you have a childlike wonder and excitment about life. Open and demonstrative, you think and act spontaneously. With your bright, bubbly personality, you launch yourself into your work with tremendous enthusiasm. You are at your best when you are generating new ideas and beginning fresh projects, ever-hopeful about their outcome. Your eagerness leads you to work fast and furiously, but with the attendant danger that you can all too often exhaust yourself before reaching your goal. On the negative side, you have a habit of seeing life from a purely subjective point of view. You are likely to make your mark in life when you are comparatively young, and you will need to learn how to sustain that impulse throughout the rest of your life.

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How to Find you Moon Phase:

Use This Calculator

And compare the IMAGEto this list:

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Personalities Via Moon Phases~

Each of us has a certain personality trait depending on which phase the moon was in at the time of birth. People born during certain lunar phases tend to share certain attributes with others born during this time. Knowing which phase you were born under can give you valuable insight into your character, emotions, behavior and motivation in life. It can make you aware of you deepest underlying drives, the fundamental purpose that you feel you have in life, and the contribution that you can make to society at large during the course of your lifetime. Armed with this knowledge, you can begin to understand your responses, and then attune yourself to a personal cyclical pattern that you go through each and every month.

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