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The Zodiac Signs as Mythological Creatures













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Pisces Mythological Creature:

The Water Dragon. Shy, reserved and creative— sounds just like a Pisces, no? They keep beautiful things in their company, and are known in myth to weep when they lose something dear to them. They can lash out when they have to, but they’d prefer a riddle, or a game instead.

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Aquarius Mythological Creature:

The Elf. Nature loving, freedom loving people who live away from any sort of society… An Aquas dream ;)


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Capricorn Mythological Creature:

The dwarf. Hard working, and quite family oriented, the dwarf symbolizes many of the things that natural Capricorns are. They work their way to the top of things, and don’t stop until what they want is done. 

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Sagittarius Mythological Creature:

They already are one! The Centaur! It embodies the personality of a Sag so well, I couldn’t bring myself to change it.

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Scorpio Mythological Creature:

The Succubus/Incubus. They feed off of sexual energy, or attraction. Just like the Scorpio when they walk into a room. They are exquisite liars (not to call Scorps liars), and have a way of seducing people to get what they want.

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Libra Mythological Creature:

Cerberus, Guardian of the Underworld. There is one myth in particular that made me think of him. He would judge who was to enter Hell, and who wasn’t. Just like the Libra judges those around him/her daily to make sure that everyone is who they really seem. The three heads also might symbolize the inability to make a simple choice that many Libra people have :)

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Virgo Mythological Creature:

The Angel. Like Virgos, Angels enjoy calm and order. If they don’t have it, they will strive to get it. Not many things can hold the Virgo, or the Angel back when they truly believe that something must be done.

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Leo Mythological Creature:

The Gryffin. Proud, loyal, and a fighter until the end. The Gryffin symbolizes almost all that the Leo person is, or aspires to be.


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Cancer Mythological Creature:

The Mermaid. The mermaid has two different sides in myth. One that is loving and caring, that guides people to safety when they are in danger on open water… Or the complete opposite. Just like Cancer, merfolk can be moody, and helpful while caught in a good mood. But watch out! All that passive aggressive-ness may come back and bite you in the butt…

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Gemini Mythological Creature:

The Sirens~ They’re not creatures of air, but they are creatures that survived using their voices. According to myth, sirens lured unsuspecting sailors to their deaths by only singing a song. Gemini’s are witty with words, whether written or spoken, but I hope you wouldn’t kill anyone… :P

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Taurus Mythological Creature:

I chose the Minotaur. It both represents the “bull” that the Taurus is naturally, but it goes a little further. They are stubborn, and they do fit for what is right to them. They have brute force and will power to get anything that they want.

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Aries Mythological Creature:

A Flame Sprite! Hot headed, but still childish and playful. They are there when needed, and certainly don’t really know how to keep their tempers down. Sprites enjoy themselves, and picking at others— just like the spirited Aries person~ 

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